Install Chrome on Firestick in 60 Seconds – New Update!

This is a blog post that talks about how to install Chrome on Firestick and Fire TV cube. It goes in-depth into the process of installing Google Chrome onto your device and gives you some valuable tips and tricks.

Google Chrome Browser is a popular app that many people use in their everyday lives. It can be installed on a Fire TV device like the Amazon Firestick. It can also be used to access streaming sites either with your phone or computer.

Steps on How to Install Google Chrome App on Firestick

1. On the home screen, select Settings.

2. Click on the My Fire TV option.

3. Now, click on the Developer option.

4. Switch ON the ADB debugging and App from unknown sources option by selecting the “Turn ON” button. Here, ignore any warning message on your screen.

5. Next, return to the home screen and 

6. Click on the search icon or the magnifying glass (found at the top left corner of your screen).

7. When it comes up, type downloader

8. Next, click on the downloader icon.

9. Select the download or Get option.

10. Open the downloader app and click on the URL field. Now, use the onscreen keyboard to type this link, and then choose Go.

12. You will have to wait for the downloading to be completed.

13. Now, choose the Install button.

14. Wait for the installation to complete. Don’t open the App yet.

15. Select Done 

17. Select Delete option.

18. Choose Delete again, and this will erase the chrome apk file. 

19. Go back to the home screen. 

20. On the home screen, click app center and scroll rightward. You will find Google Chrome. 

How to Move Google Chrome to Front Menu

1. Open the app center.

2. Select the Google Chrome icon and click on the button with a three-button on your remote.

3. On the options that will appear, select “Move.”

4. Drag Google chrome and then drop it on the front screen, and that’s it!.

Features of Google Chrome

  • Chrome is the fastest and most popular browser, but it doesn’t stop there. It also provides quick access to your favorite sites with its multi-tab capabilities that you can manage all at once-making loading times seem like nothing for websites of any size!
  • Google Translate Integration
  • Allows you to easily sync your history and bookmarks across multiple devices, as well as syncing all of your open tabs.
  • Incognito Mode
  • When you’re surfing the internet, it can be challenging to know what’s safe and what could put your computer at risk. Chrome has some helpful features that make navigating safer and more accessible. 
  • When browsing a website with an unfamiliar domain name or content, for example, Chrome automatically blocks bad websites from displaying pop-ups without permission-keeping your information private while still providing a pleasant user experience!
  • You also can open webpages in either mobile or desktop mode based on preference-perfect for beginners who are just learning how browsers work!
  • You can also install extensions in Chrome that allow you to do things like watch Netflix or play Pandora from within the browser itself without having to go into another application window on your computer.

Pros of Google Chrome

  • You’ll never have to worry about snooping when you use One-Click Download. Incognito Mode will leave no traces, and the “Do Not Track” feature is there for your protection!
  • Allows you to open up to 20 web tabs simultaneously.
  • You can also find news related to what interests you on news sites with a click, or open any website that has shortcuts in another tab.
  • Allows you to integrate Google Translate.
  • Easy syncing of all your bookmarks and history across multiple devices, as well as syncing all of your open tabs.

Cons of Google Chrome

  • The ad blocker is not perfect. Some pop-up ads manage to slip through the cracks and appear here and there, even with an active ad block program on your browser window.
  • You need Mouse Toggle for Fire Sticks.

History of google chrome

Since 2003, Google has been working on the browser and later – finally released their competitor for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that they had gotten a dominant share of market share. Google Chrome first became publically available in September 2008. Originally named ‘chrome’, then in 2010, it was officially renamed Google Chrome.

Why is Google Chrome Better Than Regular Browsers?

Google Chrome also has a search engine that is integrated into the browser so you can easily access what you want without opening up another window. You can also back out of any page to return to your home screen by tapping on the “Back” button in Chrome, which means there’s no need to type in an address again if you want to go somewhere else.

Is It Any Good?

Google Chrome is not only a fast and secure browser, but it’s also an optimized one that allows you to cross multiple devices, as well as syncing all of your open tabs. You can install extensions in Chrome that will enable you to do things like watch Netflix or play Pandora from within the browser itself without having to go into another application window on your device. 

Extensions also allow you to search for products from sites like Amazon or eBay and access your saved passwords automatically. The Chrome browser is available on all major operating systems and devices (PCs, laptops, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices), so it’s accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Is It Legal to Use Google Chrome?

Yes, it is legal to install Chrome on a firestick.

Are There Ads on Google Chrome?

Ads are a part of our everyday browsing experience. They can interrupt, obscure content you’re trying to read, or lead to malicious sites with security issues and malware that could do real damage to your computer. Chrome has an ad blocker built-in which is excellent at blocking intrusive ads from appearing.

Alternative to Google Chrome

Opera browser

Opera is a web browser that has been around for decades. It was built to be light and fast, as well as free of cost for all users.


Mozilla created firefox in 2004 with the intention of making it easy for people to make their internet experience better through customization and add-ons.

Edge browser

Edge is the latest browser from Microsoft. It has been built to work best with Windows, and it’s full of features that are useful for getting things done on your laptop or desktop PC


Apple created safari in 2003 to offer a smooth and fast browsing experience. 

VPN and Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a powerful tool that allows you to download files and surf the web anonymously. If all your browsing will be legal, then go ahead and use this fantastic program! However, if you plan on downloading anything illegal, such as pirated music or films, make sure to browse with encryption – like by using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This way, only YOU can see what pages are being visited– not even those pesky ISPs who keep track of every website visit. Many benefits of using a VPN service abide. This includes optimization for your internet connection because it will circumvent the efforts by ISPs to regulate your bandwidth, making you more likely to have access to popular and premium channels in HD quality.


Google Chrome for the Fire TV Stick is a great way to browse with your television. It’s not hard at all to install, and once it’s up, you’ll be able to have an awesome experience that gives you some cool features too! Drop a comment if you have any questions or concerns and we will gladly help!