How to Install Clean Master on Firestick in One Minute!

If you take care of your Amazon firestick and fire tv cube devices, they will last longer than if you don’t. Many people often forget that our electronic devices also need routine check-ups and maintenance in order for them to stay in their best condition possible! This way, when it comes time for an upgrade or a new device altogether, the old one can be passed on without worry about how much wear and tear it has been through. 

You could compare this process with making sure your car is regularly checked (for example after every 5 thousand miles), changing its oil as well as getting regular maintenance done such as fixing faulty parts before too long which would otherwise cause issues down the road – all these things help keep not only cars running smoothly but more importantly vehicles safe!

I know what it feels like when you open your fire tv devices and find more than one notification about apps crashing, taking up too much space on memory cards, or slowing down processing speeds because they have been running in background mode without us knowing. In this article, I’ll walk through how CleanerMaster can help with those issues while protecting you from malware and viruses.

What is Clean Master App?

It’s a free and powerful Android phone cleaner. Keep your battery life, memory, and storage in check with this amazing app. You can delete junk files, cache data, ads trackers, duplicate photos, and videos to free up more space on your device. This app also has features like protection from malware threats when you’re browsing the internet or downloading apps from unknown sources.

Step 1. Open your firestick device and select Settings

Step 2. Select My Fire TV

Step 3. Choose developer option

Step 3. Select turn “ON” on ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources.

Step 4. Return to the home screen and select the magnifying glass or search icon.

Step 5. Type downloader app

Step 6. Select the downloader app icon when it appears and wait for downloading and installation to complete.

Step 7. Select open: choose Allow and then OK.

Step 8. Type the Clean Master APK file URL: and click on Go.

Step 9. Wait for the installation to complete and then select install

Step 10. Choose Done and click Delete

Step 11. Choose Delete again to confirm 

Step 12. Return to the home screen and select Apps center and you will find Clean Master APK there.

How to move Clean Master APK to the front screen

Step 1. Click on Clean Master App and select options

Step 2. Choose Move to the front

Step 3. Drag and drop the app on the front screen.


  • Allows you to clear Cache to free up more space on your device
  • You can delete junk files from your phones, such as floating adware and caches. You can also manually scan a specific folder within the app for junk apps or data that will be cleaned out automatically
  • Duplicate Photos & Videos cleaner scans your device’s storage and deletes any duplicate photos and videos to save space
  • Malware protection when browsing the internet or downloading apps from unknown sources
  • App Manager: find your favorite app, uninstall it quickly with one tap. This will delete all data associated with that app. You can also back up an app’s data before you remove it, so if you want to reinstall it later, all of your data will be there. Helps you better manage your apps by letting you know which app is choking up the system, deleting temporary files, and freeing up more storage space.
  • Memory Boost: a unique feature that allows the app to clean up and optimize background apps without any user intervention. This gives you instant access to more memory for extreme multitasking
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor: scans your Wi-Fi network level and provides security recommendations based on what level you are connected to
  • Forced Updates: automatically updates the app when a newer version is released so that your device always has the latest and greatest Clean Master.
  • Privacy Advisor: scans for all of those apps out there which try to collect as much information about you without telling you anything, then tells what they know and how it can be used
  • Battery Saver: automatically shuts down power-draining apps while ensuring important tasks are not interrupted during sleep time or when the battery reaches a certain level
  • Customized Power Plans: adjust your power plans to save battery life for browsing, gaming, video playback, or productivity
  • Game Booster: analyzes games in real-time when they are opened on a device and cleans up memory to improve their performance
  • Notification Cleaner: cleans up junk notifications to save power and make your phone more responsive
  • Antivirus Security Scanner: scans for viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware regularly to protect you from mobile security dangers
  • Virus Protection Shield: blocks virus’ attempting to attack your phone’s memory and data

Why do I Need Clean Master?

It’s a free and powerful Firestick device cleaner. This app helps keep your fire tv stick device memory and storage in check. You can delete junk files, cache data, ads trackers, duplicate photos, and videos to free up more space on your device. This app also has features like protection from malware threats when you’re browsing the internet or downloading apps from unknown sources.

It is the best Android system optimizer on the market today: It is a free app for both phone, tablet fire tv users which means you can use this powerful device cleaner without having to pay an expensive monthly subscription fee.

Is Clean Master Safe to Use?

Yes! This app has been downloaded more than 500 million times, and it’s Google Play’s Editors’ Choice Award Winner for being the best Android system optimizer on the market today. This is a great way of speeding up your phone by only taking about 15 minutes to clean up junk files, cache data, and ad trackers.

What Types of Junk Does This App Remove?

The app removes the following types: System Cache Files, Ads Trackers, and Advertisements from your phone (as well as other unwanted files) that are causing your device to run slower than what it’s capable of running at.

What Else Does Clean Master Do?

Aside from cleaning junk files, cache data, and ad trackers, this app also has a feature that will help you monitor your battery usage. This is great for people who want to maximize the time they can spend on their phone before having to recharge it (by turning off power-draining services).

Are There ADS?

Yes, you will find ads on this app. However, those ads will not interfere or stop you from utilizing this app.

Alternatives Cleaner Apps for Firestick

Advanced Cleaner

Advanced Cleaner is the best way to clean your device. With Advanced Cleaner, you can scan for viruses, fix registry errors, and remove unwanted files from your computer. Scanning for viruses with Advanced Cleaner is a breeze because it finds and removes all types of malware automatically. You can also use Advanced Cleaner to get rid of any pesky junk that accumulates on your hard drive over time!

CCleaner App

The CCleaner app is a very popular and effective cleaner. It automatically scans the system for temporary files, browser cache, cookies, and histories to free up storage space in your device. The application also removes all traces of use from programs like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with one click so that no data can be recovered later.

Pros of Clean Master

  • Removes cache files, ads trackers, and advertisements
  • Helps you monitor battery usage
  • Keeps your phone clean and running smoothly
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Using the Clean Master is easy and helpful for people who want to maximize their time spent using their phone before having to recharge it to turn off
  • It also has a battery monitor feature that will help you maximize your time on the phone before having to recharge it.
  • Clean Master is completely free of charge – which means there are no hidden fees or charges for using this app.

Cons of Clean Master

  • Many users have reported that the app crashes easily
  • It drains battery life
  • My Clean Master has been crashing lately and it seems like I am getting less time on my phone before having to recharge.
  • The ads are also pre-programmed with a timer which means they will come back if you restart your device or re-install the application


Clean Master offers many features: cleaning up unnecessary files on your phone or tablet; giving protection from malicious software such as viruses and malware; securing privacy by blocking ads while browsing online; installing apps with just one click. 

Clean Master has something in store for everyone- whether you’re looking to keep things tidy or need ultimate security without being bombarded by annoying pop-ups during every web search- this app can handle both of those tasks beautifully well at once. If you encounter any issues while installing this app, leave us a comment and we will be glad to help.