How To Install ES File Explorer On Firestick: 2021 Updated

Do you use your Firestick to stream movies and TV shows? If so, did it ever occur to you that the default settings for a lot of apps are pretty limited in size of storage space. The ES File Explorer is an app designed with users like yourself in mind who need more room than what’s offered by most streaming devices. This article will show you how easy installing ES File Explorer on any Android-powered device using Android KitKat 4 or higher operating system. Once installed, this powerful file manager lets users access files from remote locations as well as local sources(ondevice). You can also download music videos quickly because there’s no buffering time when downloading video directly from YouTube onto your phone! So if uploading pictures and music.

How To Install ES File Explorer On Firestick: Step By Step Guide

ES File Explorer is one of the world’s most popular and powerful Android file managers. You can install it in different ways, such as through Google Play or by downloading from ES File Explorer website. In this article, we are going to install es file explorer using the downloader option.

Step 1: Install the Downloader app and toggle it on from your streaming device’s settings so that you can access all sorts of media files even when there is no internet connectivity.

Step 2:  Launch Downloader on your device.

Step 3: Click Allow that display on the dialog box.

Step 4: Click OK after that.

Step 5: Ready to get started? If you’re using Google Chrome, open it up. From there type in a web address or use the URL bar at the top of your browser – just make sure that when typing on these types of browsers that keyboard is enabled!

Step 6: Type this URL( exactly as it is listed here and click on Go.

Step 7: Wait for the downloading to finish. After the download, click on install to install the app.

Step 8: Clicking on Delete will take you back to the Downloader’s main screen, but this time there is a delete button for each file. Confirm your intent and click again so that your files can be securely deleted from my computer!

Step 9: Go to your home screen and click on the app that says “Your Apps & Channels” so you can see all of them.

Step 10: You can now rearrange your folders to better organize them for different purposes. Just click on the folder you want, hover over Move in the context menu that appears at the left of the screen (3 horizontal lines), choose a new location from the Available Locations list below it and then press Apply.

Step 11: Now, you can feel like a boss as ES File Explorer Pro is always first in your apps list.

Step 12: You can finally say goodbye to your boring old file explorer because now you have ES File Explorer Pro! This new program is the best of its kind, so install it on your computer today and start browsing.

How To Transfer Files From Firestick To ES File Explorer?

Step 1: Select Settings from the FireStick home window. 

Step 2: Go to My Fire TV, then select Developer Options and turn on ADB debugging. 

Step 3: Open ES File Explorer either by viewing all your files (View) or clicking Network > View in left menu pane of file explorer which leads you to a folder with .apk extension, opening this will take you straight into Android settings where USB Debugging is located at under developer options so just switch it ON!

Features of ES File Explorer

  • Ribbon.
  • Back, Forward, and Up buttons.
  • Address bar.
  • Search box.
  • Navigation pane.
  • Status bar.

Pros of ES File Explorer

  1. ES File Explorer is a fantastic app that can help you rename files on your Android device. It’s the perfect solution for keeping all of your files organized and neat!
  2. ES File Explorer’s powerful clipboard allows users to paste files and folders multiple times.
  3. ES File Explorer offers a convenient way to search for files on your device. Type in what you’re looking for and compare results instantly!
  4. If you have rooted your device, then ES File Explorer is a great app to use. You can open the root explorer and change folder properties by going into “Folder Properties.”
  5. The ES File Explorer app not only allows users to change the view and sort order of files, it also lets them take care of administrative tasks like batch deleting.

Cons of ES File Explorer

  1. When you download ES File Explorer, hackers can take over your device! There are more than 100 million downloads of this software which means that there are a lot of people at risk.
  2. The Indian government has just banned ES File Explorer from the country. The app was suspended by Google last year, and now many people are questioning its safety.

Is ES File Explorer Safe to Use?

ES File explorer has been embroiled in many controversies in the past few years; it’s even been temporarily pulled from both Apple’s App Store and Android Play Store for making user data vulnerable through a number of security vulnerabilities. Last week, news broke that India had gone one step further with their decision banning this application on all devices within its borders because of undisclosed risks associated with using ES file manager to manage files stored on SD cards or internal storage spaces as well as USB drives attached via OTG cables (USB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Install Es File explorer?

ES File Explorer is the perfect file manager app for Android users who are looking to find a space-saver. It runs smoothly and can be accessed on just about any device, making it an essential tool regardless of where you’re at in your day! With ES File Explorer’s help, anyone will be able to access their data anywhere; whether they need something quickly or want to browse through all that free storage.

Is ES File Explorer free?

ES File Explorer is a powerful, free app that can be used to manage your local files as well as network shares. It’s great for organizing all of the different types of media you may have on any given computer or server in one place!

What can I do with File Explorer?

With Es File Explorer, you can see inside your computer and navigate its contents. It’s a graphical interface for accessing files that is accessible from the Taskbar folder icon without any hassle. Open it up today to easily find what you need on your desktop!

Alternative Apps

Solid Explorer

With an easy to use and beautiful Material Design UI, Solid Explorer is a worthy alternative for ES File Explorer. It includes most of the important features that ES has like cloud support, network sharing, Recycle bin, root explorer etcetera. Such capabilities also include hiding or encrypting files & folders as well as viewers for file types such as images (PNG), videos (.MP4).

FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is like a more refined and polished version of ES. The interface looks sleek, with slight touches of Material Design. There are many things to love about this app; one being the ability to change folder size through pinch-to-zoom gestures in order for you see everything inside clearly at all times on your device screen. Another feature we appreciate is how it can multitask by giving us access to two different files or apps simultaneously which makes working super fast!

Wrapping Up

The ES File Explorer is a free file manager that allows you to move, copy or delete files and folders on your Firestick/Fire TV. You can even create different types of network shares including FTP server with it!