How to Install Google Drive on Firestick in 60 Seconds – 2021 Reviews and Updates!

Google Drive is a well-known cloud storing software that allows you to save your files in the Google Cloud and access them from any of your devices. If you have an Amazon Fire tv stick but are having trouble installing Google Drive on it, then this blog post will help!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to install Google Drive on Firestick. We’ll also include some tips for using the app once it’s installed. And finally, we’ll talk about whether or not you can uninstall the app if you decide that it’s not right for your needs.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a well-known cloud storage software that allows you to store your files in the Google Cloud and access them from any of your devices. As a free suite of office tools, Google Drive empowers the common user with all they need to succeed. For instance, Docs is just like Microsoft Word but better because it does everything for you! Sheets has an interface that’s as intuitive and easy-to-use as Excel while Slides can make presenters shine by granting them limitless customization options not found in PowerPoint’s default template library.

How to install Google Drive on Fire TV stick device

Note: Before you can use google drive, you need to have a Gmail account and then use it to sign in to your google drive account.

To install Google Drive, you will need to use ES File Explorer to sideload the file.

Step 1. Launch your ES File Explorer

Step 2. on the right side of your screen, select Cloud Drive or click on the Network option and then choose Cloud drive in the submenu.

Step 3. Now, you will need to sign in to your cloud drive via ES File Explorer.

Step 4. On the list of cloud drives that will show up; choose Google Drive and then follow the instructions on your screen to complete sign-in.

Note: to access Google drive on firestick, you will have to open ES File Explorer and then select cloud drive and then you will see the Google drive logo; click on it.

Method #2: Using Amazon store App

Step 1. Open your device 

Step 2. On the home menu, select search icon and enter Cloud

Step 3. Select Get. Now, wait for installation to complete. 

Step 4. Open Cloud app and choose Gdrive.

Features of Google Drive

Google Drive has several features that help it stand out from the competition.

One great feature is how Google Drive will keep your files organized into folders, based on their type and who shared them with you, so they’re easier to find later. This might not seem like such a big deal when just three or four people are using the account, but it’s a lifesaver when there are dozens or hundreds of collaborators.

Allows you to see previews for many different file types, (google photos, APK file, etc.) which can be helpful if you’re not sure what kind of document someone sent over and want to know more before opening it up.

SSL encryption

One thing that Google Drive does better than other cloud storage providers is SSL encryption.

This helps keep your files secure while they’re being uploaded to the internet, and it also means you can feel safe about using a public Wi-Fi connection without worrying someone might be able to see your information in transit.

Google Drive will automatically encrypt your files when you upload them.

It’s a nice feature that other providers don’t always offer, especially considering how easy it is to install Google Drive on Firestick.

Accessing documents from anywhere in the world

The best thing about Google Drive is that your files are available from anywhere in the world. Which means you can access the docs on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection – no matter where in the world you happen to be! This is helpful if someone sends over a document and wants to know more before opening it.

Save Gmail Attachments

Google Drive also lets you save Gmail attachments to your account. Just click on the attachment in an email and choose “Save” from the menu that pops up. The file will be sent directly into Google Drive, saving time later if it’s something you want to refer back to again!

Share Documents

If someone sends over a document and wants to know more before opening it, you can share the file in Google Drive with them. This way they’ll have a chance to see what’s inside without needing your password!

Work Offline

Just like with the native Google Docs app, you can work offline and your changes will be saved and uploaded when an internet connection is available. This means that if you’re on a flight or in another remote location then all of your editing progress won’t be lost!


The beauty of using Drive for documents is that you can invite collaborators to work with the same document at the same time. You can also have a chat as well so conversations are easy! Collaborators will need their own Google account, and if they don’t then all of their changes are saved automatically too!

Generate a Link

If you want to share with people who don’t need an account or collaborate on the document, then you can generate a link for them that gives them editable read-only access to the document. This is perfect if you want to share it with friends and family.

Scan Documents

Google Drive also has a built-in OCR scanner which means you can upload physical documents to Google Drive and they will automatically be converted into editable text. This is perfect for students who want to scan their essays or project work for example!

How does it work

Google Drive is a cloud storing software service that enables anyone with an internet connection to save, store, organize and access their data from anywhere at any time. You can use your mobile phone for example or tablet device too!

The beauty of using Drive for documents is that you can edit and make changes to them at any time, then save the document back as a new version. This means it’s easy for multiple people to work on a single project together without having to worry about saving duplicate copies of documents or files.

Pros of Google Drive

  • With the help of Drive, you can manage and save your documents on any device. Uploading a document or photo is easy with just one button click!
  • If you know that your work will be interrupted by travel, there are some tools to help. Offline mode is one of them – if enabled for specific files in advance, the user can continue working even without internet access or real-time updates!
  • Revision History is possible — and accurate down to the minute. Your updates will automatically save without you needing to interrupt your work, meaning that any changes are saved instantly for quick access later if needed!
  • With Google Drive, you can store and edit all your content in the cloud. Just like with photos, document files such as PDFs are also converted to editable documents so that you have access from any device or computer connected to the internet. And when it comes down to music streaming services – there’s no need for satellite radio subscriptions anymore! With Google Play Music built right into our service, you get unlimited on-demand listening of more than 30 million songs.

Cons of Google Drive

  • Potential security risks: We all know that using the internet leaves us vulnerable to potential risks such as hackers. Google Drive is no exception, and it can be a target for cybercriminals who want to steal your information or delete important files without you knowing
  • The bulk of data: Another disadvantage of this service is that there may not always be enough storage space available on any given device. This means you’ll have to keep switching between devices, either by syncing or moving your files from one device to another
  • Hacking: The third disadvantage is the risk of being hacked and having important information stolen. Once again, Google Drive isn’t impervious to this kind of attack.
  • Google analyzes your content: It’s no secret that Google has been collecting information about its users for years. It started with the random “x” in your search history, but now it includes everything you do on their popular products like Gmail and even Drives!

Google Drive Pricing

Google Drive Free Tier: The free tier includes 15GB of storage for your files, but you can upgrade to get more space.

With the new updated packages, you’ll have more than enough space to store your ever-growing music collection and other files. The Basic Package offers 100 GB of storage for $1.99 per month, but if that’s not enough then go with Premium which offers 1 TB of space at 9.99 a month! Remember though, each additional 10TB is an extra 99 dollars so be sure to choose wisely before committing yourself.

What Makes Google Drive Stand Out?

One of the merits of Google Drive is how easy it is to share documents with other people. With your Google email address, or you can link them to the document via a unique URL.

Is it Legal to Use Google Drive?

Yes. It is legal to install and use Google Drive. It is an official software from Google Inc.