Install Mobdro App on Fire Stick

In this write-up, you are going to learn the steps on how to install Mobdro on firestick and Fire TV cube.

It’s always a good idea to keep your streaming options open, whether you are an old pro or newbie cord-cutter who has just cut off cable subscription service recently; there are other choices out there besides Hulu and Netflix in terms of video-streaming platforms. 

Aside, these popular paid services offer limited libraries that come at a cost – which often means shelling out $9-$14 per month depending on what plan you choose – Mobdro pulls its videos from all over the web through free sources such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now & more!

Mobdro is a third-party application that offers you free Live TV and movie online streaming services.

You can use Mobdro on your Android devices, and it will constantly crawl the Internet in search of streams you’re not paying an arm and a leg subscription fee for. It gives you access to live content wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection available and offers all the same benefits as paid services, such as downloading offline videos, so they don’t eat up data while traveling abroad!  Long story short, we will now proceed to the steps on how to install mobdro on firestick. 


Mobdro is a third-party streaming app. We do not encourage the use of third-party apps. Whatever content you stream with this app is at your own risk!

Steps on How to Install Mobdro on Firestick

The first step on how to install mobdro on firestick is to download the Downloader App. 

Step 1. Launch your firestick device and on the home screen, click on the Settings icon.

Step 2. Choose My Fire Tv on the setting menu.

Step 3. Click developer Option.

Step 4. Ignore the warning message and Turn ON Apps from unknown sources and ADB debugging. 

Step 5. Return to the home screen.

Step 6. Scroll up and select the search bar or magnifying glass.

Step 7. Enter “Downloader app”.

Step 8. Click on the downloader app icon and select Download.

Step 9. Select Open once the installation is done.

Step 10. Choose Allow and then click OK.

Step 11. Enter this URL

Step 12. Select GO.

Step 13. Allow the downloading to complete. Select the install button and wait for it to complete.

Step 14. Click on Done and select Delete twice to erase the raw file.

Step 15. Go back to the home screen.

Step 16. Click on the Apps section. 

Step 17. Launch Mobdro; when prompted, choose to Agree and then select Allow, and you are good to go.

Note: You need to move the app to the front screen for easier access. To do this, scroll to Mobdro, hover on it, and then click on the three horizontal lines remote control. Next, select a move to the front, drag, and drop the app on the front screen.

What is Mobdro APK?

Mobdro APK is an international award-winning media streaming service that provides fast live streaming videos in high-quality video streams, including movies (Hollywood blockbusters), sports events(football matches), and other popular tv shows aired on various Indian television networks such as Sony Entertainment Television India Pvt Ltd., Star Plus & TEN Cricket among others. 

With this app, you can access tons of free channels over a nicely designed user interface. This is easy and simple to install and works well with its sleek design, making it easy-to-use too! 

This app is great for those that are constantly on the go. With an almost unlimited library of videos to choose from, there’s always something new and interesting waiting just around the corner.

Mobdro has been popular since its inception years ago. However, it continues to evolve with time by adapting to newer technologies while still maintaining a vast video selection across hundreds of sources – even if you don’t have access to other devices such as Roku or Chromecast! This software runs off Android natively, so your phone can serve up endless hours of entertainment when out in public without fear!

Mobdro Compatible Devices

Mobdro is compatible with Android-powered devices such as smartphones, aptoide tv, Amazon fire stick TV, computers, Android TV box, tablets, and lots more. 

Features of Mobdro App

  • Mobdro is a free app that offers access to more than 100 TV channels across 12 categories. Some of the top features include: 24/7 Content – Mobdro provides unlimited content with no limit on how many hours or days you can watch at once 
  • Reduced Ads – You’ll experience fewer ads when using this software, thanks in part due to its premium version, which doesn’t have any advertising whatsoever. 
  • No internet/offline Downloads – If you’re without an internet connection and want something new to view later, download it from your mobile device before going offline so that whenever there’s Wi-Fi again, all downloaded videos are accessible right away! 
  • Mobdro’s search function is one of the best things about it. You can quickly find just what you are looking for and save videos to watch later, all with a few clicks!

Pros of Mobdro

Mobdro has one of the largest databases for any video stream on the Internet. You can download it from this app and watch it offline without an active connection to Wi-Fi or data networks for free content. The user-friendly interface also makes installation easy, with a few clicks needed to get started watching TV shows directly through your device’s operating system (OS).

Cons Of Mobdro

Mobdro is an app that can be downloaded onto your Android device or TV, but not on iOS. This app also contains content with copyright issues. 

Kodi or Mobdro?

The main similarity between Mobdró and Kodi is the fact that they’re both media players with an interface designed for touchscreen devices; this means all of your favorite content will play seamlessly on whichever one you choose. 

There’s also very little difference in regards to how much either app costs or what kind of limitations each has (for example, some streaming services may be unavailable). However! That doesn’t mean these two programs have nothing else in common at all-in reality.

Kodi is the go-to media center application for those looking to watch movies and TV shows that they already own. Unlike Mobdro applications, Kodi can play nearly every video or audio format, making work so well on a wide variety of devices such as OSX/Windows/Android/Raspberry Pi/iOS, & Linux. However, this level of compatibility comes with one big downside: content piracy through Addon created to provide free streaming services from Amazon & Netflix.

The big difference between Mobdro and Kodi is that you can’t play local media files with the latter. That means if your favorite show has a new episode, it won’t be available for streaming on your device without downloading to external storage first. It’s not just about playing videos, though- because when it comes right down to who delivers better quality video streams in HD–mobdro wins by far!

Kodi addon is the perfect application for anyone who wants to watch their favorite TV show but doesn’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee. The app’s open-source and completely free! For development funds not to be cut off, though, they rely on ad revenue from companies like Flirc or Bytemark and donations made by users.

How Does Mobdro Application Work??

Mobdro offers viewers access to international programming in their native languages through its range of streams from around the world; however, not all are always available for viewing because content changes daily based on availability – but player history allows users to catch up whenever one channel goes dark or unavailable as well as share which ones were great during times when others want recommendations!

You will find various options to choose from if you’re looking for something other than Mobdro. Some good alternatives include Morph TV, Thoptv, Terrarium Tv, Tea TV, and Cyberflix TV.

Channels in Mobdro App

Mobdro has a dozen different categories, including;

  • Channels and News. You can even watch HGTV or the History Channel if you have it on!Watch popular TV series, such as The Family Guy and Simpsons. 
  • Watch movies in all genres, from comedies to action thrillers.Sports – for a comprehensive overview of the latest in sports, tune into ESPN2 AND ESPN.
  • Music – with your TV subscription to MTV & VH1, you can stream music-oriented programming 24/7. This app houses other music streaming platforms.
  • Gamers can watch live streams of today’s most popular games, such as Minecraft and Fortnite. They’re also available on the App Store, so you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi connection or your Internet slowing down! You’ll be able to chat with other viewers in real-time while watching others play a game online – it’s like being part of an exclusive club right from home.
  • Animal shows: If animals are more up your alley, check out this app’s animal content lens, where they showcase cams for all sorts of different creatures, including lions and penguins (even have some kangaroos)!
  • Tech – NASA TV.TedTalks and The Ellen Show are all part of the podcasts category. These provide high-quality content to their listeners in an entertaining way.Spiritual: Audio or video clips from spiritually related topics can be found on this channel!

Is Mobdro Legal?

Mobdro is an app for streaming television online. The legality of the service has been a controversial topic as there are many grey areas in what constitutes legal or not, especially because Mobdro cannot be found on Google Play Store. You should know about common pitfalls that may arise when using this free application to avoid future problems with law enforcement and copyright infringement penalties.

Mobdro is a free live-streaming app that can be downloaded for mobile devices. They state they cannot control whatever content or location of streams you access. Also, they state that they are not liable for any pirated streaming sources you access. Stream at your own Risk!

Is Mobdro Safe?

Third-party applications are often the result of a compromise to your device. Mobdro is not available on the official Google Play Store, and as such, when you download this app from third-party sites, you may end up with a malicious file. 

When you download this app from the official site, it is safe, although this depends on how you use it. If all you do with Mobro is stream content that’s free or legally obtained, there should be little worry about safety issues – always stream content that is legal and safe.

Mobdro Not Working; How to Fix it?

There are many benefits to using Mobdro, but it still has a few problems that you might have come across. If this is the case, then this section will help you with alternative apps.

MovieBox HD App

MovieBox HD is a free app that you can download on your Android phone or iPhone. MovieBox is the best way to watch movies and TV Shows online for free, all without ads! The app has been downloaded over 10 million times and has an average rating of 4.5 stars from users worldwide. With MovieBox you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find what you want to watch, because there are so many different types of genres available at any time – including new releases!

CyberFlix TV App

Cyberflix TV is an excellent streaming service for those who are nostalgic about olden days movies, especially 2000s & 90s movies. You’ll find all of your favorite films, tv shows, animated series here in a lot more detail than you would with other services like Mobdro or Netflix.

ThopTV App

ThopTV is a great Mobdro alternative for those who live in Asia. It offers all of the same content that you’ll find on other apps, like sports channels and movies, and has some Indian TV stations! This service equals Exodus TV.

Tea TV App

Tea TV is a streaming service that gives you the ability to watch high-quality videos with just one tap. With Tea TV, you can also download movies and shows for when your Internet goes out! 

Pluto TV App

One of the most popular streaming services today, this platform has just about any TV show or movie you could want. It also features live tv channels from across the world! With hundreds of options in different genres to choose from and a nice-looking interface that’s easy for anyone to navigate through, there are plenty more reasons why it would make sense if you use this app.


Mobdro is an app that features a wide range of satellite channels from all around the globe. It lets you stream TV in various categories, including News, Music, shows, sports, & cartoons on your Fire Stick with ease. 

The interface has some inconveniences, such as requiring vertical and horizontal scrolling, which can make things not so easy, but overall it’s worth having this great app for your device! I hope reading through this article; you have learned how to install mobdro on firestick app. Drop a comment if you encounter any issues!