How to Install RetroArch App on Amazon Fire Stick

You can turn your Firestick into a portable gaming console and access all the games you want without spending any money! 

RetroArch is the app that will help you get access to all those great gaming apps without having to download them individually. There are plenty out there for download in the Amazon App Store, but with this one installed it’s like they’re right at your fingertips! 

What is RetroArch App?

RetroArch is an open-source file designed to provide a collection of programs that can be used for creating games, multimedia apps, and emulators. It also shares the powerful features known as Libretro which includes cross-platform camera support and OpenGL graphics rendering.

How to install RetroArch App on Fire TV Cube and Fire Stick Devices

Method #1. Using the downloader app to sideload the APK file.

Step 1. Launch your Fire TV stick device and select the Settings.

Step 2. Select My Fire TV and then choose Developer Option

Step 3. Now, select Turn ON for Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.

Step 4. Return to the home menu and select the magnifying glass or search icon. 

Step 5. Type the downloader app and click on the Get it/Download option.

Step 6. Wait for the downloader app to complete.

Step 7. Launch the downloader app and select Allow and OK.

Step 8. Click on the URL field and enter this link for the RetroArch APK file: and select GO.

Step 9. Select Install after downloading the APK file and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 10. Select Done and select Delete

Step 11. Select Delete again to erase the RetroArch APK file

Step 12. Return to the home screen and select Apps center. scroll down and there you will find the RetroArch App.

Method #2: Downloading the RetroArch App Using the ES File Explorer

Note: Downloader the ES File Explorer from the Amazon app store.

Step 1. Launch your ES File Explorer.

Step 2. Next, Select the Downloader icon (this is found at the top corner of your device screen).

Step 3. Select the +New icon option (found at the top of your screen).

Step 4. Now, for the path, enter this URL:

Step 5. For the name, enter RetroArch and then select the Download Now option.

Step 6. Return to the home screen and go to the App center and you will find the RetroArch App there.


  • The Retroarch App menu is attractive and interactive. It’s easy to navigate through the game database, which has all of your added games organized into neat categories like Action-Adventure or Platformer.
  • It is possible to get your hands on Game & Watch games and play them with the inbuilt emulator through downloading software online.
  • The app has the ability to remap controls, which means that it can be used with a mouse or any other input device.
  • It features support for gamepads and joysticks as well. There are two ways of using this function: You either use an auto-remapper (which maps every button you press) or do so manually by pressing one key at a time to map different buttons on your keyboard.
  • With more than 80 programs to choose from, there are a variety of ways that you can add cheats to your game. You enter and load the cheat codes for them to take effect. Then you scan files, directories, or any other objects on importation so they will be added to your game collection.


  • RetroArch is a retro video game emulator that can be found on many platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, and Apple devices. The app supports Camera access for taking screenshots and Location Access so players can play the games based on their geographical location. With these, you’ll never have an excuse not to get your nostalgia fix as RetroArch has everything gamers need!
  • Downloading Game & Watch games through the app are easy and simple, as you can get your hands on it with an inbuilt emulator. The remapping allows players to play these retro classics using any input device of their choice (mouse or joystick).
  • The Retroarch App menu is so beautifully designed with its vibrant colors and interactive buttons. It’s not only easy to navigate, but it also organizes all of your games into neat categories like Action-Adventure or Platformer for quick access and convenience!
  • The remapper automatically maps all of the buttons on your gamepad or joystick to a keyboard key, which allows you greater controller functionalities. You can either use an auto-remapper (which will map whichever button is pressed) or do so manually by pressing one key at a time to map different buttons on your keyboard.


  • Does not support all games.

Games on RetroArch App

  • What would the gaming experience be without an emulator? A retro gamer’s world is incomplete. On this list are some of the most popular and authentic emulators that many gamers use to reminisce on their favorite games from childhood!
  • There are game consoles as old as PlayStation 1, all through PCSX ReARMed for a more modern feel.
  • If you want to go back even further there are Super Nintendo and GameBoy & Gameboy Colour before them.
  • You don’t have to stop at handhelds either because we’ve got NES (featured in our Retro Gaming 101 post!), Arcade with Final Burn Alpha; GBA using VB Next emulation, or FCEUmm/NEStopia if you’re looking for something different; Virtual Boy via Mednafen VB.
  • The Neo Geo Pocket Color, Sega Master System & Game Gear (all of which can be played on a computer using the Genesis Plus GX emulator), and WonderSwan Crystal are all available to play now.
  • The Sega CD is also playable through its standalone emulation software called Genesis Plus GX with games like Lunar: Eternal Blue being 100% complete for this system. 

How to Keep your RetroArch App Updated

Retroarch is a powerful tool for Android devices, but it’s important to update the app regularly. If you fail to do this then none of your cores will be updated and some games might not work properly.

Retroarch updates are a crucial part of the app. The developers work hard to push out new versions, and by updating them you can help keep your games running smoothly with fewer crashes on mobile devices. It’s important that when an update is available, it gets installed as soon as possible so problems don’t arise during gameplay!

With the Retroarch app, you can update your old games. Follow these steps to update the app.

Step 1. The select main menu of the Retroarch app.

Step 2. Select the Online Updater button from within its screen 

Step 3. Select Update Installed Cores (you may need a connection) then tap Update Core Info Files.

Why Do I Need A VPN to Use RetroArch App on Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire devices such as the Fire TV Stick, and other entertainment content are a great way to turn any television into a web-connected streaming device with access to movie theatres and games. Sadly, there are geo-restrictions on many of these films and games which means that they can only be accessed from particular countries.

You can be tracked across the internet just by using an unsecured network. This leaves you vulnerable to hacking, advertising, and government tracking – so it is important for your privacy that we use a VPN when browsing on networks with no protection available. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will protect your data while providing access to content in other countries like China or Russia. 

Benefits of Using a RetroArch with VPN

  • You can find and install games outside of your location with ease, making it easier than ever for you to play the classic games when you have a VPN.
  • If you’re using this software in conjunction with a VPN then all of your data will be encrypted and secured.