How To Install The Roku on Firestick: 2021 Updated

Searching for a way to install The Roku Channel on your Firestick? Look no further, this article has the complete installation instructions which will work with all of Amazon’s devices including their newest addition – the Fire TV Cube.

So, if you are an Amazon user and want to install The Roku Channel on your device then please read this article until the end. But for others who have a different kind of device like Android or Apple phone: sorry! You need another guide which is tailored specifically to those devices. I know it doesn’t sound too good but let’s focus instead on how safe these instructions can make installing channels in general.

What is Roku?

Roku connects your TV to the Internet so you can watch thousands of free and paid movies on demand. You don’t even have to get off the couch! The Roku store offers plenty for any taste, from comedies starring Will Ferrell or sci-fi adventures with John Cusack. Plus there are all those streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu+, SlingTV+ – they’re just a few clicks away!

Can You Install Roku Channel on Firestick

Many people are asking if they can install the Roku channel on their Firestick. The answer is yes! This app, which was previously unavailable for Amazon fire TV devices, has now been made available and it’s free to download from the Amazon App store. With a simple overview of this app I will give you just one reason why you should get your hands on this device: there are thousands of movies that have no charge but with ads- all waiting for someone like yourself who seeks entertainment at any time in their day or night!

Watching TV shows and movies is a pastime that has been around for decades. Now, with this app you can watch your favorite channels live without ever having to pay! All of the entertainment made available by these 177+ live TVs are free as well so get ready because it’s time to be entertained right from home.

How to Install The Roku Channel on Firestick

You’re probably jumping out of your skin with excitement and anticipation to download this app now that you know more about it. Don’t worry, we’ll go right to the instructions; but for those who are already aware, installing this program is easy because it is available on Amazon Store.

Amazon just made life a whole lot easier for Fire TV users. With the addition of this app to their store, it is now quicker and simpler than ever before and as such, we will not need a downloader software to get it via the third-party marketplace. 

So without further worries please check out the instructions underneath for installing Roku on your device:

Step 1. Start by booting up your Amazon Fire TV and then simply hover over the top menu to select from a list of icons. The first icon is for browsing, which you can use when searching through Netflix or Hulu as well as streaming content on YouTube with ease!

Step 2. Furthermore, you’ll see an on-screen keypad on the following page. Type in “Roku” and then click it again from the list beneath to enter device mode so that your TV can display what’s going on with Roku channels.

Features of Roku 

With the release of Roku’s newest update, you can now control multiple TVs and devices through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With this new functionality comes features like HDR10+ support if your TV is compatible with it, as well as a “virtual surround” feature for users who have purchased a soundbar from other manufacturers which enables them to enjoy better audio quality than they would get without that additional device. If you are searching for 4K content in particular, there has never been an easier time since simply saying what you want will result in finding exactly what you need! Additionally no matter whether it be movies on Netflix or any show on Hulu-Roku’s voice search makes everything more convenient.


Your Roku TV can now shut itself off at a pre-set time. Voice Search is also available so you don’t have to use the remote if your voice command isn’t working, or it’s not in arm reach. You can watch movies and music stored on devices like laptops through your smart tv by connecting them with Apple Airplay! Want more live channels? The Live TV tile has access to hundreds of streaming stations when an antenna is connected for free; just download the channel guide right from this interface too! 


Not compatible on most Operating system

Is it Legal to Use Roku on Firestick?

Yes. Roku is official and legal. All the content within this app are licensed.

Roku Alternatives


If you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite content on the big screens in your home or office then look no further. This app makes it easy and convenient! With JustStream, connecting Mac to TV has never been easier. Simply download this free application onto any device (MacBook, PC) that is connected to Wi-Fi network at home and enjoy watching movies straight from Netflix right up until 8 am without any cords attached because everything can be streamed over the internet with ease using only one of these devices – Apple TV’s connection will work just as well too!


Kodi is a free, open-source software launched by the non-profit XBMC Foundation. The community’s input on features and addons makes Kodi highly customizable for anyone running it. Since new versions of this software are released frequently (and you can read what’s newest on their blog), being up to date with your version will make sure that all desired plugins remain available! Although there have been controversial recent updates such as 18.3 which had DRM issues or 19 beta builds where some users experienced buffering and crashing, these build problems should be fixed in full release soon so people continue downloading them without fear of losing functionality they need from an unreliable program. 


You know that feeling when you’re really tired and just want to watch something but can’t decide on anything? Emby is the perfect solution if this happens to be your situation. You have a whole library full of movies, TV shows, music videos and more at your fingertips – with literally no navigation needed! What’s even better about it is there are apps for every platform including Windows computers (with Plex), Linux devices such as Boxee-HD Free BSD based platforms like FreeNAS.

Wrapping Up

Installing The Roku Channel on your Firestick has never been easier. As I said before, this was the simplest and most straightforward method for installing it onto a device running Amazon’s interface. And although I gave you all of the details about how to do so just now, if you are still having problems with making it work correctly, then please go back up to my original post where there is an outline with everything that should be done in order to get things working properly as quickly as possible without any hassle whatsoever!

Although this was simply because we didn’t have to allow Unknown Source applications or utilize a Downloader app, it would still be simple. However, if you haven’t yet seen this app on your smartphone, restarting the device is probably going to fix any problems that might come up with using an unfamiliar product for many people; and who knows? Maybe they’ll even make some enhancements in response!

Finally, if you like this post and found it useful then please share with others so that I may continue to expand my website. If you have any further questions or need assistance feel free to contact me in the comment section below.