How To Install Wuffy Player On Firestick: 2021 Updated

Install Wuffy Player on your Android TV Box in just a few easy steps. This tutorial will show you how to do so and give a brief introduction of the player’s features. Wuffy Player offers a user- friendly interface and customized screen controls on the go, allowing users to control the volume and brightness of any playing video so that it is enjoyable in your preferred way. It’s a must-have app for streaming media as it can be compatible with most apps on many devices!

What Is A Wuffy Player? 

Wuffy Player is the latest addition to your video player needs. It’s an all-inclusive app that allows you access any media in any format with a few taps of a button. This versatile multimedia player has been used as part of third party apps like FireStick for some time now, but it can be considered its own supporting application due to its many features and compatibility across platforms!

Steps-By-Steps Guide on How To Get Wuffy Player Installed On FireStick

Getting the Wuffy Player app on your Firestick is easy to do with these quick tutorials. We’re going to use the Downloader for downloading and installing apps, so you might want to download it first if you don’t have it already installed.

Step 1: Enable Applications from Unknown Sources: To install apps on the FireStick you will need to make sure that Apps from Unknown Sources are enabled. To do this, go to Settings and move your cursor down to > My Fire TV Options. Once here turn ON ‘Apps From Unknown Sources’.

Step 2: Go back to the FireStick Home Screen and this time locate the “Search” in the search bar at the top of your screen.

Step 3: Type Downloader on the search bar. You will see the Downloader underneath, click on the desired file and wait for it to download onto your computer.

Step 4: The app will download and install onto your device automatically. Once installed, open the application!

Step 5: Tap allow when you’re prompted to grant the app access. This will help it share your content with others!

Step 6: Click the URL tab on your remote and key in using the OK or Select button, then press GO; alternatively, you can type followed by a click of the same RETURN or EXIT buttons that are used for typing words into search engines like Google with keyboards as well as smartphones.

Step 7: Wuffy Player is now downloading. You will soon see a notification on your device that the app has been installed and you can open it by clicking Open!

Features of The Wuffy Player FireStick App

The Wuffy Player Firestick app is a media player software with tons of features. 

  • The interface is very user-friendly
  • You can use it for live streaming or local videos/music on your device! 
  • It also has an automatic screen rotation feature
  • Easy to control brightness settings
  • Volume controls and 
  • Subtitles support.

Pros of Wuffy Player

  • This application can play almost any media file you have, including video containers such as divx and mov files with mpeg2 or h264 codecs; formats like aac for videos from an apple device to FLAC on your PC; protocols such as http, https archive streams (m3u8), rtsp live feeds from webcams or IP cameras in full HD resolution. 
  • It has hardware acceleration using internal HW decoder so decoding is done by CPU power instead of memory bandwidth that leads to better battery life when playing back high-resolution content without interruptions – meaning it’s great if you’re watching long movies while commuting!

Cons of Wuffy Player

  • Streaming with these third-party apps can get you in trouble. It requires a VPN to secure your network and devices. Hide your identity and mask your IP address with ExpressVPN to stop worrying about getting caught!

Is Wuffy Player Legal?

The wuffy Player app is legal and has features that you won’t find in other video players. One of these standout features is the fact that it can play a wide variety of audio file formats, from MIDI to Ogg Vorbis files—even FLAC! Another great thing about this player? It’s absolutely free with no ads or hidden costs for premium content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Wuffy Player on a FireStick?

Wuffy Player can be installed on most devices, including the Amazon Firestick. If you have a jailbroken firestick, then it’s possible to use nearly any streaming app with MX player!

Is Wuffy Player free on FireStick?

YES! It’s free so you don’t have to worry about spending any money just yet–though hopefully soon enough this will be unnecessary as Amazon opens their app store up to more developers in order to compete with Netflix and other similar services.

Wuffy Player has been a fan favorite for Fire Stick TV users. With the use of third-party apps, it is easy to install Wuffy player on your device and enjoy streaming content without interruption or lag time. 

Wuffy Player Alternatives


The KMPlayer is a multifaceted media player which can decode multiple forms of container file such as TS (from the Technisat Digicorder), AVI, MKV, VCD, DVD,  and others. The program also decodes subtitles and allows users to capture audio/video content in many ways. For watching movies from your TV subscription you need this versatile application!


MPlayerX is a free and open-source multimedia player for Mac OS X. Its features include support for multiple video formats, DVD playback, basic VJ capabilities with realtime audio/visual mixing functionality built in. MPlayerX also allows users to add custom visualizations while watching videos or listening to music tracks by uploading their own graphics files through the app’s preferences menu.


With 5KPlayer, you’ll never want to switch between different media players again. This all-in-one player is ideal for viewing movies in 4k and watching YouTube videos on your Android, Mac and firestick devices because it can accommodate both types of files with ease. Plus, the added benefit of being able to download online content means that if a video or song isn’t available offline through iTunes or Spotify yet, you can save it later when an internet connection becomes available once more!

Wrapping Up

This article introduces the reader to Wuffy Player, a video player for FireStick that provides an array of features and benefits. It has been my default app since it is reliable with most streaming apps available today. Furthermore, if you do encounter any difficulties installing or using this app then please reach out in the comment section below where I will be happy to help solve your problem!