All You Need To Know on How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick and Install New Apps!

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to jailbreak a Firestick.

Amazon Fire Stick is a device that will allow you to stream content from the internet onto your tv screen. The Amazon fire stick is plugged into your TV by connecting it through an HDMI port and setting it up on the first run. You don’t need any cords or cables, just plug in the power cord, insert and enjoy instant access to over 500k movies/TV shows such as Netflix, Hulu & even Prime videos! 

So many options for you – but if you want more than one service (Netflix +Hulu), then be prepared to pay separately since they are all subscription-based services with extra fees required! That is why the need to jailbreak a FireStick is very important. It is interesting to know that jailbreaking a FireStick allows you to download more third-party apps which are not available on the Amazon App store. 

Disclaimer: If you are streaming with third-party apps or third-party kodi addons and build; always use a VPN. USE AT OWN RISK!

Steps on How to Jailbreak a FireStick

So you’ve bought an Amazon Fire Stick and now want to jailbreak it for the best streaming experience? Well, I’m going to show you how in this section of our guide.

The process is easy-peasy; any non-techie person can do it! Just follow these simple steps below – that’s all there is to it!

#1: Setting up Fire Stick for Jailbreaking

FireStick jailbreaking is the process of installing third-party apps on your device. First, you need to change some settings to allow installation, which I will do in this guide. 

First things first: you need to change the Firestick security system before doing any further steps and installing these types of programs that are not part of its default app library.

Step 1. On the home menu of your fire stick device, click on settings. This is located at the top right side of your screen. 

Step 2. Click on My Fire TV. Choose “device” if you are using the older version of Firestick.

Step 3. Next, click on the Developer options.

Step 4. Now make sure to turn ON the apps from unknown sources of your firestick device. If you already enabled it, then no need to turn it ON.

Step 5. Turn ON ADB debugging as well and return to the home menu.

#2: Installing the Downloader App for Jailbreaking FireStick

In order to download third-party apps on Amazon FireStick, you need a Downloader app. These apps’ apk files are not available through the Silk Browser or Firefox browser because of security reasons. Fortunately, there is an easy way out – installing and using this fantastic app called “Downloader,” which we’ll first install by following five simple steps:

Step 1. On the home menu of your fire stick device, scroll up and select the magnifying glass or search bar.

Step 2. Type the “Downloader” app using the on-screen keyboard.

Step 3. Click on the downloader app icon when it appears, and downloading will start.

Step 4. Hang on while the downloading and installation is completing.

Step 5. Once done, return to the home menu.

#3: Installing Kodi for Jailbreaking FireStick

The last thing you need to do to jailbreak a FireStick is installing Kodi. You can find it on the Downloader app, which we installed earlier in this process. Once installed, you will be able to watch videos or listen to music with your device and online sources like YouTube or Spotify with no restrictions whatsoever! Kodi allows you to have access to free streaming of entertainment content in different categories and subcategories.

The best way to get Kodi on your device is by sideloading it. This means you will have to download the app from a third-party source and not directly through Amazon’s store like other apps are. Even this seems risky; there has never been an instance of malware or virus in the history of Kodi!

Step 1. On the home screen, click on the downloader icon to launch it.

Step 2. Next, click on the URL field.

Step 3. Use the on-screen keyboard to type

Step 4. Click GO.

Step 5. Hang on while the “Downloader” app establishes a connection. The downloading will begin.

Step 6. Scroll down and click Install.

Step 7. When the installation is done, do not click OPEN.

Step 8. Click on Done. Select delete and click on delete again. This will delete the raw file.

Step 9. Next, return to the home menu of your firestick device. You can now enjoy your jailbroken Firestick! 

Note: In 20th February 2021, the XBMC Foundation released the Kodi 19 Matrix version. This Matrix version does not support most third-party addons and builds.

Alternative Jailbreaking Method: Jailbreak Firestick Using ES File Explorer

Step 1. Open your firestick device

Step 2. Scroll up and click on settings and then click on device.

Step 3. Next, click on the developer option.

Step 4. Choose Apps from unknown sources to turn it ON

Step 5. Next, enable ADB debugging.

Step 6. Return to the home menu.

Step 7. On the home screen, scroll up and click on the magnifying glass or search bar and then type ES file explorer.

Step 8. Next, install the ES file explorer.

Step 9. Go back to the home screen and click on Apps.

Step 10. Select ES file explorer.

Step 11. Click on Tools and then select download manager.

Step 12. Use the on-screen keyboard to type

Step 13. Click OK

Step 14. Name the path as “Kodi” and then click on download now

Step 15. After downloading, click open to install the file.

Step 16. Hang on while the installation is completing

Step 17. Return to the home menu

Jailbreaking FireStick using Sideloading Method

Another method you can use is sideloading. It allows you to install an application on a mobile device or Android-based system without using the official distribution method. So in this technique, you need to have an Android Smartphone and jailbreak your Firestick with Sideloading.

Step 1. Launch your TV 

Step 2. Open. Your firestick device.

Step 3. Click on the setting icon and click on it.

Step 4. Device and then click on the Developer option.

Step 5. Select Apps from unknown sources and turn it ON.

Step 6. Also, enable ADB debugging

Step 7. You need to establish a connection between your Android phone and fire stick device via a Wi-Fi connection.

Step 8. Now, download and install Kodi from the Google Play Store.

Step 9. Next, download and install Apps2FireApp from the Google Play Store.

Step 10. Go back to the home menu of your firestick device. Then click on settings and then Network > Firestick IP address.

Step 11. Next, click on Local Apps and then search for Kodi.

Step 12. Next, click on Install

Step 13. Now, wait for the installation to complete. Enjoy your jailbroken firestick device.

What is FireStick?

If you are looking for ways to enjoy affordable TV shows and movies, consider buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick. With this device, all the popular streaming services are available at your fingertips – including Netflix and YouTube. All that is required of you is a reliable Wi-Fi connection (which can be found practically anywhere these days) as well as access to a compatible television with an HDMI port – which most modern TVs have! 

There are many great perks when opting for a fire stick: 

  • It provides savings on expensive cable subscriptions
  • Allows you to access over 500 000 movie titles from free or paid streaming service providers like HBO Max.
  • Offers live news coverage via CNN Go+ 
  • Includes voice search function allowing viewers flexibility in searching. 
  • You will also access music streaming apps such as Spotify or pandora.

What is Jailbreaking FireStick?

Jailbreaking is a simple process of installing some third-party apps onto FireStick.

A jailbreak modifies an operating system’s core files, but this does not apply to Firestick because it operates differently than that–you are simply installing certain apps instead. 

The term “jailbreak” was originally coined by resellers as a strategy for selling their products; now, more and more users search for such information on how they can do so with their own devices.

History of Jailbreaking FireStick

The Amazon Firestick comes with a pre-install app store where you can install all the applications that are genuine and safe. Free or third-party apps which offer free tv show films went down when Amazon released its very own fire stick in 2014.

After this event, firestick users started jailbreaking their devices for Kodi to work again because of the discontinued application from amazon’s App store.

This made it easy to install third-party apps offering movies and tv shows for free on Firestick. That being said, the Amazon firestick runs on Android OS, which means you can install apps from the play store onto it! There are so many apps to choose from the Google Play store.

Why Should I Jailbreak My FireStick?

Jailbreaking your FireStick has many benefits. First of all, it provides unlimited access to a wealth of content that you can watch and download as much as you like!

Secondly, don’t worry because this doesn’t change the device; it is completely safe and secure against hackers or other potential harm from a third-party application.

Jailbreaking your FireStick is as simple as installing apps on any other device, and there isn’t anything to be scared of. Jailbreakers are not hacking the original Amazon OS or modifying firmware – it’s just a matter of downloading an app from places like Google Play Store or App Store for jailbroken devices.

This can take less than a few minutes if you’re using the right tools that have already been tested by lots of people, so don’t let those negative reviews scare you off!

Is it Safe and Legal to Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking your FireStick is legal and safe if you do not access copyrighted content on your FireStick device! 

Jailbreaking does not involve making any changes to the operating system on it. It only means you’re just downloading a few apps that allow you to use Kodi or sideload other applications onto your firestick device without having the restrictions imposed by Amazon, like with their Prime membership service. 

You don’t need root access either–that’s important because this device would be useless if you tamper with it.

Jailbreaking FireStick can be done in a few minutes. All you need is the right apps to get started, which I discussed earlier in this guide.

The basic process of getting your Amazon’s TV box ready for jailbreak is just downloading some third-party applications that are not available through the official app store of Amazon but only from their developers’ sites or forums online and then putting them onto your Device via USB stick with no programming needed!

Jailbreaking is 100% legal, and it does not even void the warranty of your device. However, there are a few things that you need to know before getting started with jailbreaking. For example, these third-party apps give you access to unrestricted content, which may be illegal in some countries.

You must be careful when streaming copyrighted content. As a good judge of your actions, try only to stream public domain material on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the FireStick Device Work?

So you want to watch your favorite show on the big screen but don’t know how? I walk through it with you. After plugging in your Fire TV device, connect it to Wi-Fi and then set it up until signing into an Amazon account. Download apps for watching movies or shows that are stored at home so they may view immediately!

Firestick TV devices let you control your tv with voice commands. They are compatible with the Amazon Alexa, which has a built-in microphone that enables you to search for new content or pause/rewind while watching your favorite shows on any of Fire Tv’s apps like Hulu and Netflix!

How do I Use a FireStick?

To use a Fire Stick, you’ll first have to download apps. These apps are like TV channels and offer content at any time, but some require paying for subscription fees. For example, Netflix or Hulu requires payment in order to watch their shows on the app, while other free ones such as Pluto TV or Tubi do not need it. You can also find blockbuster movies through IMDbTV if you’re interested without having to pay anything!

Cable and satellite subscriptions can be expensive. Your monthly bill may go down if you cancel your service. However, there are still many ways to watch live TV and sports without a subscription through Hulu, Sling, Youtube TV services, and stream music on the internet such as Amazon Music or Spotify.

Is the Amazon FireStick Fee Free? Does it Require Monthly Payments As Other Streaming Devices do? 

This device is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market. It’s not expensive, and it has a ton of great features that are perfect for people who love to watch TV or movies from their homes. But what about those monthly fees? Is there anything you’ll have to pay for every month with this device? 

Actually, NO! The only thing you need to buy is your own individual Amazon Fire Stick which costs around $40 – after that, all other costs will be taken care of by apps themselves if they require additional payments from users each month.

Where Can I Buy FireStick?

If you want a new Fire Stick, but don’t know where to buy one from, then there are some options. For example, if you live near an Amazon warehouse or store location and have the free time to pick it up in-store instead of waiting for shipping, this would be your best option! Otherwise, this device is available for purchase at any local store.

How much is FireStick? 

The Fire Stick is a popular streaming device that you can use to watch all kinds of TV shows, movies and Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu. The cheapest option for the Fire Stick currently costs $29.99, but this version does not come with any buttons, which means you won’t be able to turn it on without using an app; also, there are no volume controls, so if you want complete control over your viewing experience then I would recommend investing in one of their higher-end devices such as the HD ($39) or 4K versions ($49).

Will Jailbreaking Affect the Performance of My FireStick Device?

Generally, it shouldn’t! Most apk apps are lightweight. As such, you will not have any performance issues per se. However, suppose your FireStick is already stuffed with other applications and utilities before jailbreaking. In that case, you may want to clear some space first, as these programs can take up a lot of memory.

Can I Jailbreak My New FireStick 4K Device?

Yes, of course! The jailbreak methods in this guide work for FireStick 4K and 2nd Generation.

Will Jailbreaking My FireStick Break the Warranty?

Jailbreaking an Amazon FireStick does not violate the warranty. Instead, you are installing third-party apps which are harmless to the device and its warranty as well!

What is the Cost of Jailbreaking a FireStick Device?

The process of jailbreaking a FireStick is Free, and involves installing third-party apps like Kodi and other APKs. These are free to download.

Use Jailbroken Firestick With a VPN

A VPN is software that establishes an encrypted network connection when you are using public networks. A VPN encrypts your internet connection and disguises your online identity, making it more difficult for third parties to track and steal data from you. These encryption processes happen in real-time without interruptions.

How does a VPN work?

A Virtual Private Network is a tool that hides your internet Protocol address by redirecting it through a specially configured remote-server owned by the host of the VPN. This means when you’re browsing online; all data appears to come from this remote location rather than from where you are located, and surfing on said network. 

The ISP or other third parties cannot see what sites you visit or which information passes between them at any given time because everything becomes “gibberish.” Even if someone were able to get their hands on some of your data, they would find themselves unable to use anything in it without knowing who owns accounts with necessary passwords.

Benefits of Using a VPN

Secured data: Unencrypted connection can be viewed by anyone with network access. VPNs disguise your data and protect it from intruders access, ensuring that hackers and cybercriminals cannot decipher the code in a brute force attack.

Hide your Current Location: One of the most popular ways people try to hide their location is using VPN servers. When you use a VPN, your data goes through that server in another country, so it can’t be traced back to where you are currently. Some VPN services even delete any logs they have after 24 hours, which means there’s no way for anyone else (including third parties) who might want to access them to get information on what sites or apps were accessed while connected with this service provider!

Safe data sharing: If you work remotely, your company may require that you access important files on their network. To ensure these transmissions’ safety and security, a VPN connection is often necessary to connect through an encrypted private server.

Bypass Geolocation: Access to regional content can be difficult. An individual may not have access to the sites and services that have geolocation. One way to bypass location restriction is through VPN location-spoofing, which gives you freedom of choice by allowing you to switch your server from one place on Earth to another instantly without affecting what’s happening locally with your computer or device.


I hope reading through this write-up, you will be able to jailbreak your FireStick device without any hassle. The steps are very easy and simple, and you do not have to be techy. Just follow the steps, and you are good to go!