How to Cast to FireStick in 60 Seconds

You have already seen a need to get the Firestick or have already purchased one, but you do not know if you can cast it. And if you can, is the process worth all the stress? If the process of casting was dreary, then the Fire TV Stick will not be as prominent as it has become now. 

This article will be about how easy it is to cast to a mobile device or PC with the Fire Stick TV. The convenience that this technology offers has made it stand the test of time and become widely known and used. Let’s take a look at how to cast different devices to Fire Stick.

What is a firestick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a device that streams media, allowing you to stream videos, install applications, play music, and carry out other media processes on your TV. Built on the android platform, it will enable you to install android apps, play games, and enjoy music all on your TV, transforming your regular TV into a smart TV. The stick is usually HDMI, so TVs with HDMI ports can use it. The good news is virtually all TVs come with this port already installed.

It is portable and roughly the same size as a USB which you can plug into your TV slot. It is pretty easy to plug one in as the device is compact and requires just a little space. However, ensure you have another free power slot close as the Firestick needs to be plugged into one to work. Another great thing about the device is that It comes with a remote with voice control features. Cool right? That’s not all.

What can you do with a Firestick Device?

This device enables you to watch everything that’s accessible online via Amazon Prime, Netflix, or other websites. You get to sideload different android apps or download from its very own Amazon-built in-app store. If you don’t have a DTH or cable connection? This device lets you watch TV using Live Net TV or Jio TV with a strong internet connection. Preinstall are apps like Hotstar, Sony Liv, Jio Cinema, Netflix, Gaana, Prime Music, etc.. 

To set the Fire Stick, you connect it to your TV’s HDMI port and plug it into the power adapter. Using your remote, you can sign in and navigate on the screen. The home screen layout permits only left and right scrolling between apps, Prime TV shows, and the Movie library. Discovering and searching for new content here is easy peasy. If you wish to connect to the internet, you can do so with even your mobile hotspot and follow the onscreen instructions. 

What is a Casting App for Firestick?

If you have a firestick, then you may be looking for an app to cast on it. Casting is the process of sharing what is currently being displayed on your device’s screen with another device over WiFi or Bluetooth. Casting apps can come in handy if you want to show someone something without having them look at your phone or tablet!

Casting app for firestick is an application that allows you to cast what is on your phone or tablet screen onto a TV. Casting can be done over WiFi, Bluetooth, and even HDMI cables. Casting apps are especially useful if you want to show someone something without them having to view it through your device!

Can you Cast to a FireStick?

The simple answer is yes, why not? All can cast to Fire Stick from Android phones to PCs, laptops, and iOS devices. 

On the Fire TV, there is an option to mirror your mobile screen. However, phones with stock ROM such as Moto or Nexus will not connect as you can only cast them on Google Device (ChromeCast).

If you have any custom ROM device like Mi, Asus, or Sony, then the connection can be made quickly with Fire Stick as there is an option of wireless display in the settings. Again, if you rooted your Moto or Nexus phone, you can enable your WiFi Debug using various third-party editors.

How to Cast Android Phone/Tablet to Fire TV Stick


The casting process from Android phones and tablets to an Amazon Fire TV Stick is the easiest and most convenient of all the other device casting processes. However, it is essential to note that while casting remains the same in all Android devices, all the brands have a different name for the feature. After setting it, we’d take into consideration the processes for stock Android and OneUI.

Set up in Fire TV Stick

Step 1. Activate a menu that shows the option Apps, Sleep, Mirroring, and Setting by holding the Home button in the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Step 2. Choose Mirroring. It also means casting in Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Step 3. It opens a window that shows the device’s name so that the user can identify it when searching.

Set up in Android Smartphone

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings app.

Step 2. Scour for Cast. If you can’t find the cast, go to Bluetooth and device connection or dig deeper into your settings.

Step 3. Turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth in the Android device, and available instruments to which the user can cast will display.

Step 4. From the list of available devices, choose the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Step 5. After establishing a connection, the Android device will start casting to the Fire TV Stick.

Samsung OneUI

Step 1. In the Notification Panel, go down to the Quick Settings panel.

Step 2. Check for Smart View. If you do not find it, clicking on the edit button next to the settings button should bring it up.

Step 3. WiFi and Bluetooth will be on, and available devices to which the user can cast will display.

Step 4. Choose the Amazon Fire TV Stick from the log of ready devices.

Step 5. The Samsung will Cast to the Fire TV Stick after a successful connection.

PS in Samsung devices, Smart View is the name assigned for casting. Cast will be the assigned name for OxygenOS or literally any stock or AOSP based ROMs. While the procedure is similar, the name will vary from brand to brand and UI’s.

How to Cast PC or Laptop screen to FireTV Stick

While casting from a PC is a little complicated than Android phones, it is also much more straightforward than an iPhone or iPads. Windows 10 does not require any third-party apps to carry out casting processes to Fire Stick. Hence it is the preferred OS. However, for casting to work on the PC, the user should ensure that the PC has access to WiFi and Bluetooth.

Setup in Fire TV Stick

The configuration is similar to the one mentioned above.

Step 1. Hold the Home button in the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Step 2. Choose Mirroring and document the name of the Fire TV Stick.

Setup in Windows 10.

Step 1. Press Windows Key + A or click on the small square button at the bottom of the Taskbar to open Windows Action Center.

Step 2. Select connect. Click on expand to show the complete list of available options if Connect is not there in the initial list.

Step 3. From the Action Center, select the Fire TV Stick.

Step 4. Wait for the creation of a successful connection.

Step 5. You can now Cast your Windows PC or Laptop to the Fire TV Stick.

It is worthy of note that Connect is the name assigned by Microsoft to the Casting feature in Windows 10.

How to Cast iPhone or iPad to Firestick

Casting to Fire TV Stick is not natively supported by iPhone and iPad; hence, third-party apps are a must to achieve it.

For this article, we will be considering the app “Video & TV Cast for iOS.” You may use other apps as long as you find them better and valuable and they are suitable. 

Step 1. You first need to download the firestick app on your iPhone or iPad from the Appstore.

Step 2. Next, you have to download the app on Fire TV Stick too.

Step 3. Heed the in-app instructions to complete the setup.

Note: Videos protected by DRM such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Xfinity, HBO do not support iTunes movies and Flash video.


There are some restrictions when casting to Fire TV Stick due to the fixed nature of iOS. You can stream only the video part of a website. You do not stream the entire website content. In a few cases, it may become necessary to play the video on the iPad or iPhone initially to be noticed by the app for streaming.

Multiple casting may also become necessary for the Fire Stick to work with specific videos. You can go through the FAQ on the app start page if a video is not working at all.