How to Delete Apps on Firestick and Fire TV Cube Devices

The Amazon firestick has many more uses than you can imagine. It is not just a device you can plug in to watch TV, Netflix, or prime. It can serve as an effective means of connecting various screens and increasing your digital signage strategy. Well, if you are yet to discover all you can do with your amazon firestick, then this article is for you.

What is Firestick?

The amazon firestick is a media player device that lets you connect to the internet using your TV directly. This device started as a set-top box but has since evolved into the amazon FireTV stick, which takes the shape of a plug-in device. It is now smaller in size and wholly powered using a remote controller. The fireTV stick, or as it is commonly known, can stream TV shows and channels and screen-clouding digital signature software.

How Does The Firestick Work? 

The amazon firestick connects directly to your Wi-Fi network once you plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. You will then go through a setup process. After signing in, all that is left to do is download apps to watch your favorite shows and media.

Firestick devices come with a voice-enabled remote control unit with a built-in microphone that enables you to tell Alexa to either pause, play, rewind or search new content.

How Do I Use Firestick?

To use firestick, you would have to download apps. Though these apps are like TV channels, you can stream the content whenever you want. While most of these apps offer content on a paid subscription, some offer their services at no cost at all. 

How do I Delete Apps On Firestick?

It is a question many users frequently ask. Fortunately, it is a simple process that doesn’t take time to complete. This article shows the steps involved in deleting apps on your amazon firestick or fire-TV on two different firestick interfaces.

The first set of instructions apply to versions of firestick devices that have received the new fire-tv interface due to the most recent updates on devices like the Fire-TV lite or third-generation firestick.

The second set of instructions is for firestick 4K, fire-TVs, 2nd generation fire-TV stick, and 1st generation fire-TV cube.

Deleting Apps on Newer Version of Firestick

Step 1. Place the cursor over the settings icon and select Applications.

Step 2. Click on the managed installed apps icon.

Step 3. Choose the app you desire to delete and click on it.

Step 4. Click on ‘uninstall.’

Step 5. A question prompt appears on the windows. Click on uninstall again

Step 6. Give it a few seconds to delete

Step 7. you have successfully deleted the app from your firestick

Deleting Apps On Old Firestick Version

Step  1. Go to the home screen menu of your device, bring the cursor to the right on the settings bar.

Step 2. Select applications

Step 3. Click on manage installed apps

Step 4. Scan through to find and select the application you wish to delete

Step 5. Click uninstall

Step 6. A questionnaire window appears. Click on uninstall again.

Step 7. Give it a few seconds to delete

Step 8. Your app has been deleted successfully from your first stick.

How to Delete Default Apps on Firestick

After setting up your fire OS from the start on your firestick, you will see some default apps already preinstalled. These apps usually include, amazon store, email apps, amazon prime, etc. this is done to save you the trouble of downloading them yourself. Usually, most users do not need this app and want to have them removed. You do this, given that the app doesn’t affect the functionality of the OS. Below are steps to deleting default apps on firestick; 

Step 1. Turn on your fire-TV

Step 2. On your remote, press the menu button to go to the fire-TV menu. 

Step 3. Find and click on the settings icon.

Step 4. Navigate through the settings menu to find the applications tab.

Step 5. Click enter and go to the managed installed apps feature.

Step 6. Locate the apps you want to delete, select them and click uninstall.

Step 7. Confirm the uninstall instruction and wait for it to delete.

NOTE; not all the apps have the uninstall feature. Some of the applications are necessary for the functioning of the OS, and, as such, you cannot uninstall them. For better optimization, it is best to restart your firestick once after you delete an application.

How To Free Up Space On A Firestick

When we install apps, we forget to delete the APKs that tend to take up space, so merely deleting apps and files might not be enough to free up space on your fire-TV stick. We have other ways to free up slots on firestick, like cleaning up the cache, uninstalling apps, and deleting APKs from internal storage using ES file Explorer. For this article’s purpose, we will look at deleting APKs using Explorer.

Using ES FILE Explorer

Step 1. Open the firestick homepage and select the search toolbar

Step 2. Type in the keywords “ES FILE EXPLORER”

Step 3. From the list displayed, select the ES file Explorer app

Step 4. Download the app

Step 5. Once you complete the download, click on open

Step 6. After it opens, click on internal storage

Step 7. Create or choose a folder

Step 8. A list of APKs you can delete will display

Step 9. hold down on the select button on the firestick remote controller to choose the APKs you want to delete.

How to Check Internal Storage On A Firestick 

Step 1. Go to Settings on your firestick home menu bar

Step 2. Open the MY FIRETV folder

Step 3. Select about

Step 4. Keep the remote cursor on storage

Step 5. The internal storage properties are displayed on another window.

How Do I Reinstall Deleted Apps On Firestick?

Step 1. Enter the search bar on the find section of the fireTV.

Step 2. Type in the name of the app. after typing in the name of the app, scroll down on the list that comes up until you find the app. Then click on it.

Step 3. Click on the ‘download’ icon and watch it download, and instantly reinstall.


The firestick/ fire-TV is one of the most popular streaming devices capable of turning any TV into a smart TV enabling users to access and watch unlimited content over the internet. It comes in different models with lots of features and functions to pick from at minimal cost.