How To Make MX Player Default On Firestick – 2021 Update

The article will give you in-depth instructions to install MX Player on your FireStick, including the newest models such as 4K and Cube.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to download and install MX Player for a variety of different devices! We include detailed installation procedures that are compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen), 2nd Generation, 1st Generation; Amazon fireTV 3rd generation or higher ;Amazon FIRE TV STICK+ & more!.

How To Make MX Player Default On Firestick

Installing the MX-Player on an Amazon device is easy and simple. Simply follow the instructions below to have a great viewing experience: 

Step 1: Use URL: in Downloader app

Step 2: Next, Click on the Cinema option and click Menu icon 

Step 3: Click Settings 

Step 4: Select Choose default player 

Step 5: Select MX Player 

Step 6: MX Player is now your media player 

Step 7: Enjoy! That’s it!

What Is MX Player?

MX Player is a third-party app that will allow you to enjoy the latest in media entertainment with your FireStick.

The MX Player for Alexa can be sideloaded onto any of your Amazon products, including the popular and affordable Fire Stick! With this lightweight streaming player, users are able to experience stunning visuals on their screen as they engage in hours and hours worth of content from around the world.

Features of MX Player

  • You can watch every movie with this app, including .3gp,.avi.divx,f4v.flv.mkv and more! 
  • It also supports hi10p-encoded files which makes the experience that much better on your phone or tablet.
  • MX Player is the best video player for Android and it’s also free! The app supports a ton of different codecs, including those specific to your Tegra 2 processor.

Pros of MX Player

MX Player has been the Android video player of choice for years. With its top 5 advantages:

  • Great playback
  • Subtitle support
  • Audio boost
  • Streaming online videos and
  • Swipe gestures

Cons of MX Player

  • If you plan to switch over to the free version of MX player, then be prepared for those pesky ads that will bombard your screen.

Is MX Player legal? 

Sure, it’s a popular Indian video streaming service that offers an array of various movie genres.

Frequently Asked Questions About MX Player

MX Player vs VLC: Which is Better?

MX Player has a sleek design and is perfect for video fans looking to focus on their content. It’s one of the few apps that doesn’t come with any distracting ads, so you can watch your videos without being interrupted by pesky pop-ups or notifications.

Is MX Player Safe To Use?

With more than 10 years of existence, Mx player is absolutely safe to use. It has been on the Google Play Store for a long time – and it’s 100% free from any kind of harmful viruses! So download it now and enjoy watching your favorite movies without worry!

Do MX Players Steal Data?

Cookies are not necessary to view public videos on our platform, but they can be used if you want additional website data or for the improvement of your experience. If we collect any Log Data from your browser session during a video playback in MX Player, it will only be analyzed and logged so that we may provide better service with more personalized features.

Is The MX Player America App?

NO! MX Player is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in India. Indian company J2 Interactive developed MX player so users could watch movies, TV shows, and other content on their devices anywhere they wanted to go. To date it has over 280 million active monthly users globally which makes up a huge chunk of all internet traffic throughout the country! In October 2019 Tencent invested $110.8 million into this platform making its popularity skyrocket even more than before – what an amazing accomplishment for such a young startup with only 8 years under its belt!

In just eight short years since being founded by Indians at J2 Interactive (formerly known as MX Media & Entertainment), lifestyle software developer MX Player managed to gain traction around the world becoming one of India.

MX Player Alternative App

VLC For Android

It is no secret that VLC has been around since the days of our first computer experience. Now, it’s a leading player in its market with both PC and mobile versions available for download on their website. On either platform, you’ll be able to play most file types out there!

KM Player

KM Player brings its highly desirable aura to your Android device with a seamless experience. You can play any file type effortlessly, and the intuitive interface is perfect for browsing videos.

HD Video Player

It’s amazing how sophisticated interfaces can be! The app automatically locates every video on the device and displays a direct thumbnail of its content. This feature is especially helpful in cases where you don’t remember what kind of movie it was, or if there were any subtitles that might’ve been turned off for some reason during playback.

Installing MX Player On PC

Step 1: Download the BlueStacks offline installer from this link: and install it. 

Step 2: Search for MX Player on your browser or just go to our website, find a list of compatible devices (PCs, Mac’s etc), then hit the green “download” button below that device type.”

Step 3. Launch BlueStacks Android emulator on your device. To install an MX-Player APK, next, highlight and select the APK file into the BlueStack home screen, or use the menu “Install apk“. 

Step 4: You are done! If it doesn’t work on first try then simply follow these steps again until it does – open up a new window in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+N (or Command + N if using Mac), go to, drag and drop mxplayerapksitePK4download_c0d7e844f6b922ec6989cf001cd5452db3ff1ab996dedca92244

Wrapping Up

MX player is a lightweight media player that can be installed in minutes. You won’t find many features, but if you want to stream popular streaming apps like Cinema APK or Titanium TV then it’s best to get MX Player beforehand!