Best Airplay App for Firestick

If you wish to reproduce the screen of a Macbook or iPhone to Fire TV but you don’t know the processes to get it done, here is the list of best AirPlay apps for Firestick to make the process seamless. Similarly, many people have also tried to connect their Macbook to their TV. But the name of the Tv did not display on the laptop.

Nonetheless, when you try so many apps, you may become frustrated as not all of them can get the job done. This article will explain the top 4 best applications for Firestick. 

Why Use AirPlay Apps on Firestick?

Before we begin with the airplay app list, you may have probably asked yourself, “Why do I need to use an Airplay app on Firestick?” One primary reason is that the Firestick is on an Android Operating System that supports Miracast, while Apple’s Airplay apps are on an entirely different technology that does not support Android screencasting.

Airplay is an interactive service from Apple that you use for sharing screen, audio, and photos between two devices. It is only made available for iPhones, Macbook, iMac, and several other Apple devices. Hence interaction or screen sharing between Apple and Android devices can be futile without using a good compatible Airplay app.

Before launching the first Airplay service in 2010, there was no way to mirror screens between Apple devices using Firestick. After the initial launch, many improvements came into place, and Airplay 2 service came in 2018. After establishing these services, Apple gave the source to third-party developers, which led to developing many applications that support screen-casting between iOS-powered devices to other operating systems and Android.

Best AirPlay Apps for Firestick

Having understood why using Airplay apps on Firestick, it becomes expedient to know which Airplay app on Firestick is best suited for mirroring Apple devices screens. Without further ado, let’s dissect these great Airplay apps. 

Mirroring 360

Mirroring 360 is a top of the line app that allows you to mirror your screen in real-time. This app has both Android and iPhone versions. You do have to purchase Mirroring360 premium before being able to use all its features.


  • With the power of wireless connectivity, this multimedia system can be used with a variety of devices for easy viewing. 
  • This software also allows you to access your Netflix library on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Plus account securely in high-definition 1080p resolution!


  • Requires subscription.

Features of Mirroring 360

The Mirroring 360 app is a great option for those who want to watch their favourite shows on the go. This app supports various devices, including new options like Firestick 4k and Cube as well, which means you can enjoy your content anywhere in high resolution depending on your device. In addition to this convenience factor, it also offers several advanced features that are unavailable elsewhere at no cost whatsoever! If any of these sound interesting or worthwhile enough for you then we say give them 15 minutes first before deciding whether or not they’re worth the price tag- there’s nothing wrong with giving an application a trial run if it sounds promising!

AirServer Connect 

AirServer Connect is a revolutionary screencasting app that helps you mirror your mobile phone to multiple devices. It also lets you view the mirrored smartphone on any device with an internet connection, such as smart TVs and desktop computers. The best part of this software is that it can reflect the phone’s screen in sync across all connected devices for seamless viewing – perfect when showing off vacation pictures or playing videos!


  • With AirServer Connect, you can wirelessly stream content from your computer to any compatible device in the house! All it takes is a quick scan of their QR code and voila. 
  • Watch movies on your TV without having to hassle with cords or wires. 
  • You’ll be amazed at how clear everything looks too – this app guarantees you HD picture quality that will blow you away!


  • 14 days free trial only then a subscription.
  • Might be too difficult for a non-techy person 

Features of AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect is an awesome app that will enable you to use your iPad, iPod, iPhone or other Apple device with the TV. You can watch saved and recorded videos on a big screen without having to run any type of software for it like some apps.


AirScreen is a great app that is available on the App Store for no cost at all. However, you will not be able to use all the features of this app on the basic plan. You need to purchase a paid plan to access all the amazing features this app has to offer. Aside from its ability to mirror the screen from Apple devices using Airplay, it also supports a range of other devices, including Chromecast, Miracast, Google cast, and so on.


  • Provides a 30-day free trial
  • Allows a vast range of similar devices
  • User-friendly interface
  • Timely feedback system
  • Fast Playback 


  • Certain Android phones, tablets, or TVs are still not supported.
  • Requires you to subscribe to remove ads.
  • Ads are too many.
  • You may meet some lag depending on the device you are using and the internet speed.

Features of AirScreen

The Airscreen app is a widely available application available on different platforms, including Google Play Store, Apple Store, Tablets, and several others. It is a very versatile application within one feature for individuals looking to carry out basic screencasting on their TV. You can use the app on devices that do not support Airplay or mirroring to mirror the screen.

AirBeam TV

This application is also available on the Amazon App Store for free and works with wireless mirroring. So you are not required to have a wired connection allowing for more convenience and flexibility. To use this app, you need to download it on your iOS device and connect to the same WiFi you are using on your TV, and you all see the TV displayed on your device. Tap on it and choose the broadcasting option, and the screen will show on your TV. 


  • The control features are simple and allow for easy set-up. 
  • Provides HD-quality video as well as clear audio feeds.
  • It allows for remote video recording.
  • Provides a motion and audio detection feature
  • Permits real-time transfer of video feeds
  • Allows web-based real-time broadcasts


  • It does not have Bluetooth.
  • It becomes too costly to maintain when you broadcast using 3G.

Features of AirBeam TV

AirBeam is a prominent app used worldwide to show several Apple devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc., on the TV. It is an easy set-up interface and does not require you to run screencasting on FireTV, as do other apps. The app permits you to view your gallery, watch saved or recorded videos, and can be used to watch movies or TV Shows directly from your favorite app all on the Fire TV.

Screen MirroringTV Cast

If you are a fan of movies and TV, then the Screen MirroringTV Cast by LQL Studio is worth giving a try. It works well as an easy way to mirror your iPhone screen onto any Smart Television that supports casting apps without needing additional software installation. You can connect two devices through Wi-Fi connection alone, making it convenient for sharing media in group settings or at home with friends and family on big screens!


  • Mirroring your Android or iOS screen to a computer is easier than ever with the help of Screen MirroringTV Cast. 
  • With this app, you can control all aspects of your device from the convenience of your desktop and share data between devices. The most recent builds in both iPhone and Android are supported by Screen MirroringTV Cast so that it will work on any system without issue! 
  • A free limited version is available for those who want to check out what this app has before purchasing it; otherwise, there are three paid options at different price points based on how many features one would like when using their phone/tablet through their PC: Basic ($4), Standard($5) Advanced $6).


  • Not free. You will be charged after a free trial.

Features of Screen MirroringTV Cast

With this handy app, you can easily mirror your screen from an iOS device to a Smart TV. With one-click start and stop support for Roku, LG or Samsung TVs; enjoy YouTube videos on any connected television with the power of the cast button in just three taps!


It is also a free app that you can use to cast iOS and Mac OS screens to your FireTV. It is one of the best available applications there is. The ApowerMirror app is also compatible with Android Mobile, Tablet, and even the Windows Machine. One exciting feature about this app is that it supports 60fps and allows you to set the default screen resolution up to 1080p.


  • It makes it seamless to mirror iOS/Android screens to a computer.
  • It enables you to control your Android device from your computer.
  • It allows you to share data between your computer and device.
  • It supports the most recent iPhone and Android builds.
  • Free limited version to enable check out the app before purchasing.


  • You cannot control iOS devices the same way you control Android devices.
  • There is very little known about the app as it is fairly new.
  • The mirror screen quality may drop sometimes.

Features of ApowerMirror

The unique feature of this application is that, unlike its competitors, users do not need to download a separate app on your device since it connects to the same WiFi to enable you to cast your screen. Interestingly, it still gives you the liberty to use a wired connection through a USB cord, allowing you to cast your screen even if you do not have an internet connection. This feature makes it a highly preferred app.


This app is another powerful application that allows you to share your Apple device screen with your Fire TV Stick. It’s an advanced option compared to AirScreen and permits its users to look at documents, photos from the gallery, share Youtube screens, and play slideshows.


  • Compelling application
  • Includes advanced features
  • It is compatible with a range of Fire TV devices


  • It is not a free app.
  • The trial version is only 15-minutes.

Features of AirPlay-Mirror-Receiver

This app supports a range of Fire TV devices, including Firestick 4k, Lite, and even FireTV Cube. The problem with this application is that it is a paid application. It offers several advanced features. However, they have a 15-minutes trial app that you can use to determine if you should get it or not. 


The above apps are the best Airplay app that you can use for screencasting in your Fire TV Stick. All apps are great and offer a free trial which allows you to make a purchase after free trial. One thing in common with all the apps listed in this article is amazing features that allow you to mirror your device screen to your firestick device. We suggest you check out some of them and share your experience in the comment section.