Best Firestick Remote Apps

If you’re viewing this, you already understand what a Firestick is, and it’s reasonable to presume you’re familiar with Firestick remote applications. Nevertheless, if you came on this site and therefore didn’t understand what we’re speaking about, the Amazon Firestick is indeed the virtual equivalent of your broadcast tv. It is a gadget that enables you to broadcast various types of video directly into your television screen through Wi-Fi.

This gadget essentially transforms your broadcast tv into a smart television, and it includes a remote control that allows you to browse among the shows and programs.

However, the Firestick works similarly by connecting it to the TV through the HDMI connector and afterward installing certain apps that you will be interested in, including Netflix (for movie lovers) and Spotify (for music lovers). 

You may then access the media features supplied by any of these applications straight through your television. This gadget is essentially a cable substitute.

As previously said, the gadget includes a remote control. However, there might be occasions when you lost the remote, or perhaps the battery may run out, as is apt to happen to all remote controls. So, what should you do now?

Amazon, becoming the foresighted corporate entity that it is, planned ahead of time over such unforeseen circumstances so that you really can regulate the Firestick device with a smartphone regardless of the operating system it needs to run (Android, iOS, and so on). All you should do is install the remote app onto the mobile device, and then you’re just fine to go.

Amazon offers its program for controlling the Firestick remotely. However, there exist many more programs that are just as excellent. This post will discuss the seven greatest apps for controlling your Firestick device and enjoying the entertainment options without delay due to a missing remote.

List of Firestick Remote Apps

CetusPlay Remote

This software is one of the greatest remote control apps available. It offers a wide range of characteristics, and it serves a variety of purposes. For example, you may use the app in a variety of ways. There are several:

  1. The cursor option enables you to use this app to operate your Firestick device like just a personal computer.
  2. The touchpad option allows you to operate your Firestick device by utilizing the Touchscreen method.
  3. The keypad option is exactly what it sounds like
  4. And finally, the mode of the directional pad.

All of these are methods for using the CetusPlay software to operate your Firestick device. It features a fantastic and simple UI that is straightforward to comprehend and navigate. Another outstanding characteristic The CetusPlay app also offers multilingual functionality. It implies that users from diverse nations can use the app in their languages for the same reasons.


  1. Very easy to install
  2. Users can remove the ads permanently
  3. It works on multiple devices


  1. Does not support voice search
  2. Limited function of the screenshot option

Kore Remote

Kore remote is another excellent application for managing your Firestick gadget. However, confine to the Kodi program. The Kore remote program is quite useful for those who enjoy the features provided by the Kodi media application. Besides Kodi, you could use it to manage some other programs. 

This remote program also offers a variety of wonderful features, such as various language compatibility, collection browsing capabilities, and a myriad of color schemes to select from in the list.


  1. Very durable with a waterproof rating
  2. Very flexible to use
  3. Track user sleep quality


  1. Can only be downloaded from the official website
  2. No personal GPS tracking system.

Amazon Fire TV Remote

Amazon’s Fire TV Remote App is a remote control app for the Firestick device. It is available for free download on any smartphone’s app store; simply browse for it. It functions just like the standard Firestick remote control, but now with a few additional capabilities. After installing this mobile app, ensure that the Wi-Fi network toward which you link the Firestick device is the same as the Wi-Fi network to which the device is associated. 

Once you launch the app on your phone, it should connect to your device if everything you did is successful. Then, complete the on-screen instructions to install the software.


  1. Good user interface
  2. Access to numerous contents


  1. Very difficult to search content
  2. Not always reliable

Limitless Remote

Limitless Remote App is another remote program that you may use to control your Firestick gadget. Using it is fun and efficient because of its many features. Furthermore, the program also allows users to install applications on their cellphones and then launch them on their Firestick devices.


  1. It enables multiple installations
  2. It’s fun and efficient


  1. It has limited movies
  2. It Does not support GPS.

Harmony Remote for Firestick

Harmony remote for Firestick is a free app that you can download from the Amazon App Store. The official website says it best: “Control your FIRE TV with its easy to use interface and get access to everything on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Showtime Anytime and more! You have one remote to control it all!”


Ability to search by genre, type and title. This feature allows you to find what show or movie is perfect for your mood quickly!

The ability to use voice assistant capabilities to search for movies and TV shows. You can also use voice commands to control playback, volume levels, or even change video quality!

Get access to all the content from your Firestick with a single remote: Watch TV Shows, Movies on Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Netflix: all in one place.


  1. Very expensive
  2. It can be frustrating sometimes

AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal Remote is the most advanced remote control on the market. It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use with a beautifully designed interface. The app emulates an Android TV system so you can access all your favourite apps such as YouTube or Netflix from one screen!

One of its coolest features is that it can act as a mouse and keyboard for your fire tv device. With the built-in Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to control everything from anywhere in the world!


  1. Free
  2. Beautiful UI
  3. Easy to customize


Non-techy people might find it difficult to use.

Yatse Kodi Remote

Yatse Kodi Remote is the top rated Kodi remote compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The app can be used to control kodi on any system running an Android TV-enabled version of Kodi (which includes all versions since Jarvis).

The mobile client for Yatse has features such as streaming media (audio and video) to a Kodi device from the phone or tablet, transferring local media stored on your mobile device to your kodi library (including subtitles), sharing links with other devices running Yatse, and lots more.

The app is available for Android TV-enabled versions of Kodi on Google Play Store.


  1. Easy to install
  2. User-friendly interface


Works only on kodi app

Verdict and conclusion

Having highlighted the list of best firestick remotes, it’s time to recommend the best among equals. We recommend going for Amazon Fire TV Remote, CetusPlay Remote and Kore Remote. These firestick remote apps offer you a user-friendly interface with easy to customize settings and layouts. Let us know your thoughts on the comment section