Top Best Launcher For Firestick

If you are looking to change the user interface on your Firestick device to display the apps in a better form, this article is for you as I will show some of the best launchers for Firestick that guarantee a fantastic look.

List of Best Firestick Launcher Apps

Top TV Launcher 2

This launcher enables you to have better control over your Android TV. You can design a personalized home screen by moving icons, icon packs, and even simple images wherever you desire. You can configure this launcher easily using the navigation keys on any firestick remote control, virtual mouse, or gamepad. The Top TV app is entirely ad-free and can be used to access side-loaded apps.

How To Use And Install Top TV Launcher 2

To begin, you have to locate and select ‘settings’ on your firestick home screen and enter the search for my fireTV. Next, open developer options and turn the ADB Debugging and apps from unknown sources to ON. 

The Filelinked makes it easy to install apps on your Firestick, granting you access to many apps to choose from that are not readily available on the Amazon app store. Follow the steps by step guide to install;

Step 1. Launch Filelinked on your firestick device and input the code 11111111.

Step 2. Move your cursor down to the TV launcher and select it. 

Step 3. Click on install.

Step 4. Once installed, click open to install the app.

Step 5. It will direct you through some info you could either choose to read or skip. Click through all the tips.

Step 6. Select the add button on the firestick home screen and press confirm on the remote controller. 

Step 7. Select the application icon.

Step 8. select any of the apps you wish to see first in the quick selection. With a TV launcher, you can assign as many apps as you want to a particular tile.

Step 9. After selecting your app, go back to the launcher screen by pressing the back button on your fireTV remote controller. The chosen app will display on the launcher screen. You can personalize the launcher App to your liking by adding as many apps as you see fit.

Android TV launcher

Although the default Amazon Fire Stick launcher is amazing to use, it has some limitations that make it unpleasant, like it’s complicated interface, making it a way less attractive choice once compared to the leanback Android TV launcher. If you need an entirely new and simple launcher to use on your fireTV stick, you should consider the leanback launcher. To use this launcher, be sure to have already Filelinked installed on your fireTV stick, then follow the simple step below after you just have turned on the enables apps from unknown sources option.

Step 1. Launch the Filelinked app, enter the code 11111111 into the web safety tips bar on Filelinked.

Step 2. Move the cursor down the page, locate the leanback on fire 1.24 and click on the version most compatible with your device.

Step 3. Click on install

Step 4. Open and access the launcher

At this point, all that’s left is to install the launcher manager on Firestick that will allow you to switch from your default firestick launcher. You can download and install the launcher manager using the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the appropriate launcher version of the launcher manager on the Filelinked store and let it upload.

Step 2. Hit install

Step 3. When you receive the prompt that installation is complete. Click open.

How To Activate The Custom Launcher

Step 1. After successfully installing both software, go back to the home screen. Navigate through your apps, find the launcher manager, open it, enter launcher options, and hit the disable stock launcher.

Step 2. Click on the home button. You will see a notification requesting which of the launchers you want to use.

Step 3. Since you already have an Android TV launcher installed on your Firestick, you can go back to the home screen, click on the always option, and your new custom launcher will be ready to use on your Firestick.

Wolf launcher for Firestick

The Wolf launcher comes with a simple, clean, and organized look and complete freedom from sponsored ads. It has a fantastic status bar, and you can design the background as you wish without using file names.

In these steps, we looked at how to install this custom launcher and solve most of the difficulties most users have faced while using the launcher.

Step 1. Launch Filelinked, enter the web safety tips code 11111111

Step 2. When the Filelinked store opens, locate the TiVo Wolfe launcher and click on the file.

Step 3. Install the app

Step 4. Open the launcher, the default Wolfe launcher interface appears with every app already installed on your firestick device displayed.


HALauncher is a free app that lets you customize the home screen and menus on your firestick. You can access customized channels, apps, videos from within HALauncher as well as adding custom wallpaper to whichever menu or channel you are in. 

It’s an easy way for anyone with a firestick to customize their device, even if they don’t have any coding knowledge. The launcher was originally designed for the Amazon Fire TV but has been customized to work on many other devices too. It features a fully customizable interface that lets you rename channels and add your own apps from within the app! launcher is a free app and developer.

Installing HALauncher 

Step 1. Open the Downloader app and head to the URL field.

Step 2. Enter this link for the HALauncher: and select GO.

Step 3. Click install > Done > Delete > Delete again.

Leanback Launcher

Leanback Launcher is a modified version of the Amazon Fire TV’s home screen that makes it easier to find and launch your favourite media. It utilizes voice search so you can speak into your remote, or use tactile input via the trackpad on your remote, without having to remember what apps are where. You’ll also  be able to search for content by typing in the app.

Leanback Launcher is a free and open-source application that plays nicely with all Android TV devices, including the NVIDIA SHIELD. It has been specifically designed so you can use your voice as an input device on any of these platforms. 

How to Install Leanback Launcher

Step 1. Open downloader app > URL field > > Go

Step 2. Select install and then click done. Next, click on delete twice.

App Tray for TV

App Tray for TV is another app launcher that has been designed with the same goal in mind: it’s a free and open-source application. It provides you with limitless access to your favourite apps, video games, and media content all from one place. This makes switching between tasks quick and easy so you can enjoy movies while you text.

How to Install App Tray for TV

Step 1. Launch your downloader app and the click on URL field > > Go

Step 2. Select install and then click done. Next, click on delete twice.

ATV Launcher Pro APK     

This is the most popular TV app launcher for Android, and one of the best. It has a clean interface that’s easy to navigate through and find what you’re looking for. You can set up your favourite apps in folders on this interface so they are readily available when you need them without having any clutter.  The app also offers a TV guide so you can see what’s on and schedule recordings.

How to Install ATV Launcher Pro APK

Step 1. Launch your downloader app and go to the URL field and type: and select Go

Step 2. Click  install and then click done. Next, click on delete twice.

Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher is a great app for Android TV if you’re looking to keep things simple. It has two screens: one with all of your apps and the other with media content like music, movies, pictures, and more. 

You can also find shows to watch from this interface so no need to go on the web to find what you’re looking for.  Sideload Launcher offers some customization options so you can create your own folders and set which apps are on the home screen or in other folders, but this is limited to a few basic tweaks that don’t go as deep as most of the others we’ve covered.

Installing Sideload Launcher

Step 1. Launch your downloader app > URL field > and select Go

Step 2. Select the install option after downloading the APK and then wait for the APK to complete installation. Click done and click on delete twice.

UNICA TV Launcher

Unica TV Launcher  is another Android TV app for your firestick that offers a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. It also comes with some features you don’t see in every launcher like parental controls, which allow you to set how much time your child spends watching shows or playing games.

If your main concern is having an easy-to-navigate home screen with flexible controls over how much time your kids spend on the device, this Launcher is a great place to start. You can also create folders and add custom icons to apps or games that you install from outside of Google Play.

Installing UNICA TV Launcher

Step 1. Launch your downloader app > URL field > and select Go

Step 2. Select the install > Done > delete twice.

How To Launch An Installed Launcher On Startup

If you wish to set a launcher to default, such that it launches. Every time you launch your firestick device, you will have to download and install the launch on the boot app. This app lets you choose the app that you will tackle each time your device restarts. You can easily download it from the file linked, following the same code process as mentioned earlier.

Step 1. Enter the WST code.

Step 2. Search for launch on boot file and click on install

Step 3. Go to the open. Enable the launch on boot. You do this by swiping the first toggle to the enabled position and the third toggle to the launch class. It automatically launches your preferred app whenever your Firestick wakes up.

Step 4. Go to select app option and choose Wolfe launcher

Step 5. Press TEST to confirm that the Wolfe launcher will automatically launch. You can also restart your firestick device to be certain.


You might be enjoying your smart TV using Amazon firestick. Still, you will agree that your experience will be better if you use a more user-friendly and flexible launcher on your Firestick. The default app works alright, don’t get me wrong, but it can be frustrating. I hope this article helps you choose one of the best app launchers for your Firestick.