Best Casting Apps For Firestick

When it comes to casting for firesticks, we provide you with numerous app choices to pick from in the market. Although most of these apps demand payments for access, some still offer free access. In this article, we’d bring you a list of some of the best casting apps you can use to get the best media experience.

List of Best Casting Apps For Firestick 


This casting app for firestick works much better than most paid apps but what makes it more interesting is that it is entirely free. Once installed, the app allows the user to mirror the device easily right onto a computer screen or TV.

Airstream is the most current Airplay streaming receiver and considered the most up-to-date streaming receiver for GoogleCast and DLNA, and Miracast. Airstream makes it possible for users to send files to other devices like photos, videos, music, and other media from laptops, phones, tablets, and more through Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections and also carry out screen mirroring. With these features, users can share nearly everything with other people on a bigger screen.


  • Versatile wireless connectivity; Airscreen supports all the major protocols for wireless streaming like Google cast, Airplay, DLNA, and Miracas.
  • Airscreen is compatible with several Operating systems, including mainstream operating systems like Windows 7 through 10, Android 5 through 10, MacOS 10.5 through 10.15, and iOS 8 through 13.
  • The range of applications supported on Airscreen is very wide. You can apply it to listening to iTunes songs, viewing web pages from Safari and chrome, watching YouTube videos, and many other things.
  • Convenient use; to receive data on a device you want to use, you need to install Airscreen on the device.
  • Screen recording feature; with Airscreen, you can record and save content anywhere and anytime you use it. This feature helps you retain useful content for future use.
  • Privacy protection; when using Airscreen, you need not fear your privacy because Airscreen uses encrypted data transfer over the network to ensure user privacy protection.


  • To use this app, you must first Grant permission to access it;
  • The network information
  • Information about Wi-Fi networks
  • This casting app was great for the number of times I needed to use it, though it was a bit slow. It might not be suitable for most applications when you intend to achieve certain media experiences, but it is just ideal for some activities. For instance, it lets you swipe through pictures on bigger screens quickly, but it becomes ultra laggy when it comes to air playing a video.

2. Video and TV Cast For FireTV

This app gives you access through the web while streaming any web video from your iPad touch, Android devices, or iPhones to your firestick and fire tv. To use the app, you need to download the iOS or Android app that corresponds to your device. We refer to the iOS and Android apps as video and TV CAST for firestick and fire tv.


  • Wi-Fi multicast mode
  • It can access network information
  • It allows Google app entitlement verification
  • It can communicate via Amazon devices
  • It notifies the user when the operating system is fully booted


  • It is not a free app
  • ANDROID 5.0 is the minimum OS it supports
  • Since I own an iPhone, there’s no way I would have used most of these apps as they are mostly Android apps. I couldn’t use the app because I refused to purchase it, so I never got to find out what the app could do. 

3. Screening Mirroring 

This application functions like a receiver on your firestick by letting you mirror your Android devices, Apple products, Kindle, Linux screen, chrome book, windows, and Mac to your firestick. This firestick app transmits your screen to a firestick on Kindle fire devices. one limitation, though, is that it only mirrors the screen and not the sound.


  • Screen sharing is relatively easy
  • It has zero delays. It’s super fast with HD quality.
  • Its setup is easy as it requires no wires or roots
  • You can use screen mirroring for presentations, teaching, entertainment, and fun.
  • Mirror any app, game, website, or document (no sound)
  • It combines Chromecast, Google Cast, Airplay, Miracast, SmartCast, Wi-Fi direct.


  • The download time is long
  • It is a paid app
  • It doesn’t support every operating system
  • So I tried using this app with my firestick TV and iPhone to find that it was nowhere near perfect. I used the Redbox app on my iPhone and mirror it to the TV, and the sound came out through the phone and not the TV. The sounds also had a lag on the video, which was very annoying. Maybe there’s a way out of that, but I couldn’t figure it out.


AirReceiver has the most up-to-date multi protocols receiver you can find on smart devices like Android. You can make use of it on many devices such as DLNA, Google screencast, and Airplay. AirReceiver also operates as a Saiba/DMP CLIENT.


  1. It doesn’t support DRM content like iTunes video and DTCP video.
  2. For a Google cast, AirReceiver only supports screencast from Android and tab cast using chrome.
  3. To always locate your firestick in your iDevice, start by installing the free trial tool on your iDevice.


  • It supports AirMirror. it fully supports the latest YouTube videos and ios12.
  • The app supports Google screencast. With Google cast, you can cast your Android screen onto your FireTv.
  • The app supports DMP/SMB clients. It lets you directly pull media content from the NAS server using your fireTV.
  • Supports automatic/manual loading of subtitles ( .ass, .ssa, .srt) files
  • It is compatible with AIRPARROT/ Airsender to mirror your PC screen to your Android tablets.


  • It is not a free app
  • I purchased the app to help me view pictures and images from my iPhone 7+ device on a fireTV pendant. It worked efficiently without buffering issues.


This article lists the best firestick casting apps in the market. They are the most modern Airplay streaming receiver. Also, the most advanced streaming receivers for Google Cast, DLNA, and Miracast. 

They will allow devices to receive photos, screen mirroring, videos, music, and media from laptops, phones, tablets, and more through Ethernet or Wi-Fi on firestick. With this, you will be able to share almost everything on a bigger screen with your friends and family. We will always appreciate your feedback.