Best Live TV Apps For Firesticks

Owning a firestick is good, but the TV APPS you choose to install makes you enjoy the amazing contents and perks of owning a firestick device. Be it action, thriller, comedy, or romance movies, down to the latest and trending songs and music videos or live television news, you can bring all of these contents to your firestick by choosing the best TV APPS to install.

There’s a very long list of TV APPS to select from, most of which are similar in features to one another, leaving us confused and indecisive about which ones to choose. Well, worry no more. This article brings you 6 of the best live TV APPS that can guarantee you an amazing firestick experience.

1.Cinema TV.

Cinema TV is an Android app that gained wide popularity and became mainstream before shutting down Terrarium TV. The Cinema TV app is the best when you are considering streaming movies and TV shows for free. It works as an aggregator, fetching several server links to stream content from various locations.       


●    The Cinema TV app supports an endless lineup of content and several hours of streaming.

●   You are to make regular updates to the content library.

●    The app gets better with time through constant updates.

●    It’s easy to navigate, with a friendly interface and remote control.


●    Cinema TV app does not host its content but rather depends on content from other servers.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a TV app for those who hope to enjoy streaming amazing movie content at no cost at all. The Popcornflix TV app comes with interesting historical documentaries, international movies, and original web series, all of which you can enjoy for free. Officially popcornflix is legal in about 60 countries, but you can stream the service from any location in the world. Just use VPN.


●    It is a free streaming service

●    It is a very user-friendly movies and TV shows hub available on the net.


●    You have to use VPN to use it outside the areas specified.

3. BeeTV

If an app with an endless list of movie content is what you seek, then this is the app for you. The content library is so large that it will take a very long time to completely binge-watch everything, no matter how you try.


●    It is a free service

●    The app can access better server links through the Debrid sign-in feature.

●    Constant updates are made to the content library regularly to bring you new content.


●    It does not host any service content of its own.

4. BBC iPlayer

It is another popular app in the UK. It lets you carry out the streaming of probably every content available on the BBC network like movies, shows, documentaries, breaking news, etc. BBC iPlayer utilizes a wide range of streaming partners to deliver great content to users outside the United kingdom.


●    It is a free streaming service


●    Its streaming and use are only allowed in the UK.

5. Kodi

Kodi TV app is a firestick streaming app that brings you many choices. Choices T from personal experience the options like favorite songs to viewing movies and TV shows—using Kodi grants you access to tons of movies in any genre available on the internet, just at the push of a button. What’s also incredible is the feature that lets you display your images on another screen or cast your digital albums directly from a personal slideshow.


●    Kodi supports viewing full-fledged HD movies on your fireTV.


●    The online surveillance on Kodi is very heavy, and as such, users are to use VPN.

6. Stremio

 Are you looking to find an easy way of streaming your desired content on your firestick? Maybe you should give STREMIO a try. 

It is a service provider for streaming online media that supports several devices. STREMIO has a simple user interface which makes its use more accessible and faster. With stremio, you can access content from one stremio supported device on another device by simply signing in with the same account.


●    It supports online addon installation

●    Online addon installation frees up space on your device no matter the number of addons installed.


●    It requires a subscription, which comes at a paid fee.

7. LiveNet TV

LiveNetTV app is another firestick app for streaming sports, movies, TV shows, and live music. It connects users to a whole world of channels around the globe like India, USA, Australia, etc.


●    The app encompasses a user-friendly interface that allows you easily move through different programs like news, music videos, cartoon and Anime links, etc.

●    Most of the programs supported on the app are buffer-free.


●    Some of the channels on liveNetTV are prone to buffering.

8. Ocean Streamz 

If you enjoy watching live TV, then you have to try Ocean streamz. It delivers on-demand streaming as well as Live TV content. The live TV section comes with hundreds of channels from around the globe giving users access to explore lots of amazing content.

You will find multiple links for each channel, so you need not worry if one link does not work.


●    Ocean streamz provides users with several live TV categories to pick from, like sports, news, or infotainment.


●    Some, if not most of the channel’s links, might not work at all times.

9. Ola TV 10 

Ola TV 10 is an amazing choice for anyone who enjoys streaming channels live on firestick. This app presents a list of selected satellite-powered channels from the USA, Canada, UK, etc.


●   There are regular updates in the app.

●    The channels have multiple servers making it easier to find any programs you are searching for

●    Ola TV comes with an intuitive interface that is compatible with the firestick remote control.


●    It is not a free app.


You now have some of the most interesting live TV channel providers for your fireTV. You should no longer be lacking content to stream. You can try out all the apps until you find which one is most suitable for your needs. The apps have their pros and cons, so it is advisable to install more than one live TV app instead of just one so that when one app is down, you can use another.