How To Install Android TV ROM On Firestick

Android TV enables you to stream and watch great and interesting content of your choice. Now you don’t necessarily need to own an Android TV device to enjoy this service. If you already own a firestick/fireTV stick, you can install and enjoy the services on Android TV through your firestick.

The Amazon firestick has recently risen to become the most sought after device for online streaming. A few other devices are currently running toe to toe with firesticks like the Nvidia Shield, which controls the running of the Google TV service. Nvidia is an alternative TV OS to Amazon’s firestick OS.

Everyone has what they prefer, so while most people will run after the fireTV stick for its incredible layout, some other places might choose to go for Android TV because of its easy eye look and layout.

Burcbuluklu, a Reddit user, has recently shared information on how they now have Android TV working on firestick, explaining that the only function that it doesn’t support is Google Assistant. He has also disclosed that you can remedy the issue by using Alexa.

What Is Android TV ROM

Android TV is an operating system that allows you to easily find the latest TV shows, most recent movies contents, web series, etc. It enables you to view media like the scores of any broadcasting games, whether past or present, without switching to a different screen. The manufacturer is Google Inc. and is Google Assistant-enabled.

With Android TV, you can quickly go back to viewing your binge-watch at the point where you left off, notwithstanding how long it was. It automatically saves your previous content on the home screen to enable you to get to it faster and with much ease.

Android TV supports the Google play store giving users the freedom to select between more than 1000 apps and games provided on the platform. This a massive advantage over firestick, which uses fire OS, since fire OS only contains a given number of applications and games.

Features Of Android TV ROM

Android TV has a lot of features as well as functions that the fireTV stick does not have. Unfortunately, most of these features are not present on the ported version of the Android TV ROM. Probably with later updates to the service, the manufacturer will fix these issues.

Functional Features

  • ALEXA enabled
  • It has an enabled Amazon voice keyboard input ( you might have to allow fireTV IME keyboard use from SETTINGS.) ( press down on the menu button to switch to ‘enable fireTV IME keyboard’ quickly).
  • Amazon settings are available
  • It features the fireTV remote app ( I recommend this app. it is excellent for navigation and keyboard input ).
  • Grants Amazon AppStore access ( this lets you install apps you have previously paid for. only with Alexa can you carry out search functions on the Amazon AppStore ).
  • It has access to Magisk
  • It has access to Google play store and services
  • It is highly recommended by launcher
  • It has access to Xposed.
  • It supports Kodi Audio passthrough
  • Android screencast is enabled.

We have a few bugs present on the Android TV ROM like;

  • Google Assistant
  • Google voice search

How Do I Install Android TV ROM On My Firestick

To effectively carry out the installation of Android TV ROM on your firestick device, you will have to unlock your firestick bootloader, download and install TWRP, or any other customer recovery.

below are the detailed steps to unlocking the bootloader and installing TWRP;

Step 1. Download the ISO file, then use any available tools like Rufus or UnetBootin, create a flash drive you can boot.

Step 2. Restart your PC, let the booting begin, tap the menu key before the Windows logo appears.

Step 3. A screen with drives listed appears, select the drive you attached, and press enter.

Step 4. Boot directly into the ISO.

Step 5. Download and extract the kamariki Mantis zip file

Step 6. Using the terminal cd/path/to/extracted/directory/, go to the extracted directory.

Step 7. Run the script using the command ./

Step 8. You will have to open the firestick device, separate the heat shield on the side from the device and leave out the antennas.

Step 9. Short-circuit the point marked CLK on the firestick motherboard.

Step 10. While you still short the device, connect the firestick to any of your computer’s USB ports.

Step 11. After some time, you get a prompt from the script running in the terminal instructing you to free the point on the motherboard you had previously short-circuited, press the ENTER key to release it.

Step 12. After you finish this, enter the command below to boot directly into TWRP, ./fast

After taking care of the first process, you can move ahead to carry out the final installation of the Android TV ROM on your firestick device using these quickly follow guidelines:

Step 1. Download, extract and paste the rar file in the address USB stick, using TWRP>BACKUPS>GOTOVMO984752NIQ

Step 2. Carry out a factory reset by connecting the keyboard and the mouse through the OTG adapter.

Step 3. From the TWRP folder, restore the saved backup.

Step 4. Reboot the restored backup to your computer system

Step 5. Establish a WiFi connection, use a keyboard or mouse to log into your Amazon account.

Step 6. Move to settings > fire OS > controller and Bluetooth devices. Connect your firestick remote.

Your Android TV is successfully installed and ready to use. Enjoy.


  • Android TV ROM has an excellently organized, easy-to-use interface, making it very presentable to users.


  • Using Android TV, you might experience lagging since fireTV stick 4k supports mainly 4k videos that you can play using YouTube, Prime video, etc.


Android TV has recently gained good popularity for itself as one of the best streaming services. It is an easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-effective technology for anyone, both individually and industrially. What even makes it worthier of note is that with a fireTV stick 4k, you can access the Android TV ROM services even if you do not own an Android TV device.