How to Install Yalp Store on Firestick

Ever thought of having your favorite channels and apps on your firestick? Would you love to have your apps updated when necessary and also permissions to leave reviews on the google play store from your firestick? If so, then I have got great news for you. With a good knowledge of installing your store on firesticks, you are just a few steps away from achieving your goals. Hang on as I take you hand by hand to maximize that firestick in your television.

The firestick has been an excellent alternative for binging on games, movies, TV shows, music, and a whole lot of entertainment. It offers a variety of channels and apps that lets you have a whole lot of fun from anywhere around the globe. It has a lot of in-built interesting channels and apps but come on, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add yours. There are several ways to add your preferred channels and apps without stress. 

As we go further down, we would take you step by step to make your firestick more comfortable and homely, from installing a Play store to installing a Yalp store on your firestick. Just hang on and let us take you on this ride. 

How to Install Apps on Amazon Fire Stick 

Firestick has a lot of pre-installed apps for some users, like amazon prime videos.

But hey! That doesn’t mean you have limitations to using amazon products. No, firestick is a digital streaming device primarily, and this enables you to download a lot of your choice apps into your app and enjoy. 

You can add apps and channels using the Yalp store, of which you will see how to install a Yalp store on a firestick later in this article, but even if you don’t want to install it, no problem downloading apps from these other four ways.

Downloading an app into your firestick can be either be:

  1. By using the Amazon app store 
  2. By using search functions or voice control
  3. By going through Amazon’s official website
  4. And also, by sideloading apps

You can download apps through these four ways, but we will focus on the first one, the Amazon app store. 

In using the Amazon app store, the following steps are necessary:

Step 1. Ensure that you have a secured internet connection before you start. 

Step 2. Go to Menu through the up button on the directional pad

Step 3. Scroll down to Apps, scroll down and click on your desired app with the center of your directional pad.

Step 4.  Now, Click installed.

Most applications available on the AppStore are free, but if it’s not, you can click on the shopping cart and purchase.

Once done, it will add to your home screen. Just click on your app and enjoy.

How do you install google play store in firestick?

Google play store is another way to access unlimited data and channels on your firestick. 

Downloading the google play store on your device is very easy but requires many non-tedious steps. If you are in a geographical location where the play store is restricted, then you need to use a VPN to access this.

Follow the following steps to download the google manager, google play store and then google play store into your firestick as google play store will not function properly without the other two ;

Step 1. Open my Tv option.

Step 2. Go to developer actions 

Step 3. Allow apps from unknown sources.

Step 4. Go back to the menu up and click on the search icon. Click on the downloader option.

Step 5. Click on download.

Step 6. Click on open to launch the downloader app.

Step 7. Click on allow and okay.

Step 8. Click in the text box and enter this URL: and click go.

Step 9. Click on download 

Step 10. Wait for few seconds for the downloading to complete.

Step 11. Click on install.

Step 12. Click on done. The Google manager is now installed. 

Step 13. Go back to the homepage and input this, then go.

Step 14. Click on download. Next, install and finish. Now you have the Google services framework. It’s now time to download and install Google Play. 

Step 15. Go back to the homepage again and input this URL: then click go 

Step 16. Click on download, next, install, and done.

 Step 17. Go home once again and input this and go.

Step 18. Click on download, Next, install, and done.

Finally, Google Playstore is now in your firestick, although it won’t appear on your home screen.

Follow these steps to access it easily.

Step 1. Hold in the home buttons on your fire TV remote, click on apps.

Step 2. Scroll down to the google play store

Step 3: You will find a list of apps. Would you please scroll down to the bottom to see the Google Play Store and select it to run? Viola! Your play store is ready for all your downloads.

How To Install DSTV On Your Firestick 

DStv is another option for a variety of channels. With its cost-effectiveness as a plus, I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss the amazing channels on this. With or without knowing how to install your store on a firestick, you can easily install your DStv with no stress.

If you have followed the above steps to download google manager, google play services, and google play store, you have to follow the link below to install your DStv. If you have not done the steps above, you follow them first before clicking on the link below.

Long link: 

Once installed, you will get my DStv app from all apps and channels on your firestick.

How Can I Download The Yalp Site On Firestick? 

If you wish to download the Yalp store on your fire stick, here are the steps.

Step 1. Install the downloader app from above if you have installed it.

Step 2. The how in this URL

Step 3. Navigate to Yalp store apk and select. Then download. 

Step 4. Follow the proceeding instructions.

Steps On How To Install Your Store On Firestick

Now that you have downloaded the Yalpstore. Here is how to install Yalp store on a firestick 

Step 1. Open your Yalp store.

Step 2. The question, “how will you like to log in to your play store,” will pop-up

Step 3. Click in ‘with a fake Yalp store account.’

Step 4. Search for the apps. 

Step 5. Update the apps.

Step 6. Install APKS without stress.

Step 7. Congratulations, you can now download apps without a play store.


Now that you know how to install the Yalp store on firestick, go ahead, install this app and have fun. You deserve the best in life.