How to Install Cyberflix APK on Firestick – 2021 Update!

In this guide, i will teach you the step-by-step methods on how to install Cyberflix App on Firestick and fire TV

Are you among the people who have a firestick and want to install Cyberflix on it? This article is for you. We will go over how to install Cyberflix on your Fire stick and some other useful information regarding getting started with using this App.

Cyberflix TV app is a third-party app that allows you to stream movies and TV shows on your Firestick without a subscription. It’s great because there are no advertisements, which means there are fewer interruptions when watching the content you want to watch.

You might be wondering what exactly Cyberflix is? Cyberflix provides entertainment-related news stories about tv, movies, and more. It also provides a list of the top trending videos on its website.

Disclaimer: Use a VPN while streaming with third-party apps! Use at own risk!!!

Install Cyberflix TV APK on Firestick Using Downloader App

step 1. Open your firestick device and click on the Settings option

in step 2. Click on My Fire TV

step 3. Click on developer option

step 4. Click on apps from an unknown source and ADB debugging to turn it ON.

Step 5. Return to the home screen.

Step 6. Click on the search icon and use the on-screen keyboard to type downloader app. you may also choose the Alexa voice on your Firestick remote and say “downloader app.” 

Step 7. Click on the downloader app icon when it appears. Select the download or Get option. 

Step 8. Click open when the installation is done.

Step 9. Select Allow 

Step 10. Click on the URL field and enter this link:

step 11. Click GO and wait for the downloading to complete.

Step 12. Select install

step 13. Select Done and click on delete

step 14. Click on delete again to erase the raw APk file.

Step 15. Return to the home screen and click on App center. Scroll rightward, and you will find the Cyberflix app there. Click on it to open.

Note: If you are prompted for a Password while installing this App, use: 1112 as the password.

Alternative Installation Method: Using ES File Explorer

step 1. Launch the firestick device and select the search icon

step 2. Type ES Explorer.

Step 3. Select ES Explorer when you see the icon.

Step 4. Now, complete the installation. Following onscreen instruction.

Step 5. Open your ES File Explorer after installation.

Step 6. On the right side of your screen, you will see various icon, select downloader

Step 7. Select +New ( this is found at the bottom)

Sep 8. When prompted, enter this URL: (this will be in the path field). Next, you will need to name this field, use Cyberflix. You may choose a different name as you wish.

Step 9. Select download and then wait while ES File Explorer gets the APK file.

Step 10. Next, select the open file and then choose to install on this prompt option.

Step 11. Now, select install and wait patiently while the installation is completed on your device.

Step 12. Select Done when installation is completed.

Note: It is important to delete the raw APK file on your device storage. To do this:

Step 1. On the left menu, select Local 

Step 2. Choose Home 

Step 3. Navigate rightward and select ES File Explorer and then choose the download folder.

Step 4. Now, choose the APK file and then long-press the selection button on your Fire Stick remote control. This will bring the Trash-icon, and the APK file will be deleted.

Features of Cyberflix app

  • Allows Offline download
  • No ads
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Free and legal streaming service for movies, tv shows, and more.
  • Supports subtitles in different languages
  • Supports Real-Debrid and integration.
  • Support external player integration such as MX player Pro
  • Huge collection of contents
  • Scrapes streaming links in HD video quality
  • TV Guide, which allows you to view upcoming next TV shows.
  • Allows you to access, choose and stream a large library of content from around the world.
  • Intelligent search

Pros of Cyberflix App

  • Awesome user interface
  • Supports subtitles in different languages
  • Support external player integration such as MX player Pro
  • Allows you to integrate Real Debrid and accounts.
  • Easy to customize UI
  • Huge collection of contents which includes TV Shows, Movies, Anime, etc. all
  • Community forum; you can access the latest information about this App from its active user forum.
  • Regular app update
  • No ads
  • Free to install and use
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Free and legal streaming service for movies, tv shows, and more.
  • Offline download

Cons of Cyberflix App

  • Limited content in some countries.
  • Requires a good internet connection if you want to stream the latest movies and tv shows on this App.
  • It does not have an Auto-next function and Autoplay.

How to Integrate Real Debrid on Cyberflix App

Step 1. Launch the Cyberflix app on your device.

Step 2. On your Cyberflix app, select the Hamburger option 

Step 3. Next, select settings

Step 4. Choose Login to Real Debrid

Step 5. Copy the code on your screen. 

Step 6. Next, open your browser and then go to:

Step 7. Now, enter the code which you received in step 5. 

Step 8. Choose Continue 

Step 9. You will get a notification on your screen. 

How to Install MX Player for Cyberflix App

Step 1. Launch your firestick device and open the downloader app

Step 2. On the URL field, type:

Step 3. Select GO and then continue with the onscreen instruction.

Alternate Method: Installing MX Player Using ES File Explorer

Step 1. Launch your ES File Explorer 

Step 2. Selec the downloader option

Step 3. Select +New (found on the bottom) and then type: (you should enter this on the path field)

Step 4. Choose Mx Player as the name and then select the download option.

Step 5. Select open and then install

What Does Cyberflix App do?

Cyberflix is a streaming application for TV Shows, Movies, and more. It offers subtitles in different languages that can be changed to your preference. Cyberflix also supports external player integration, such as MX Player Pro.

It allows you to integrate Real Debrid and TraktTV accounts, making it easy to create watch lists on these apps and any other third-party app supported by Real Debrid.

Cyberflix has a sleek and simple user interface which makes browsing on the application very easy. It also does not require you to create an account as most streaming apps do, but it gives you access to more features when you sign up using your email address or Facebook login.

Cyberflix also supports Android TV devices and can be easily installed on a Firestick, which is one of the most popular streaming devices. You need to download the Cyberflix Apk file and install it using your device’s downloader app.

On what device can I Install Cyberflix App?

You can install the Cyberflix App on Android TV Box, Android device and Fire tv stick .

Is It Legal to Install the Cyberflix app?

It is legal to install Cyberflix App.

Is it safe to use the Cyberflix app?

Installing and streaming with the Cyberflix app is safe.

Do I need a VPN when using this App?

You do need a VPN for the Cyberflix App. This is because Cyberflix is a third-party app.

Best Cyberflix Alternative Apps

Cinema HD App: It is an Android App that has a similar interface as Cyberflix and provides over 100,000 movies and shows.

Movie Box HD: It also offers extensive content with over 55,000 videos on the App. However, it lacks some of the features offered by Cyberflix, such as a download option or subtitles.

Tubi TV App: It is also an Android App that offers a library of over 30,000 TV shows and movies.

HBO Now: It has around 500 titles on the App, but you need to be a premium subscriber for it.