Dark Media IPTV app is accessible for installation on different streaming devices such as the Fire TV, Amazon Firestick, Android TV Boxes, NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast, Tablers, Android phones, and any device operating on the Android operating system.

What Is IPTV?

It is an internet protocol television that uses the internet to convey Tv programs and videos. It is a system that delivers television services to subscribers through the medium of internet connection or broadband.

IPTV provides users the extra benefit and comfort of streaming different categories of channels. The channels available range from movies, cartoons, documentaries, sports, Tv shows, and lots more. IPTV is not geo-located, which means you can access any channel from any location without constraint. It also allows users to watch live Tv channels.

You can search on any of the IPTV service providers available if you think of an excellent IPTV service provider to alter your cable Tv experience.

They deliver the video content in IPTV to their end-users through:

Video on demand 

It is a major advantage of choosing Internet protocol TV. You can watch any of your special TV shows, music videos, movies, sports shows or events, news, documentaries, and lots more. However, not all IPTV service providers have this service. 


This feature allows sports fans to stream sports events live from anywhere around the globe. You can also use the Live IPTV to view live documentaries and news.

Time-shifted IPTV:

It allows you to watch past TV shows, news, movies, and more within a specific period. 

What Is Dark Media IPTV?

Dark media is an internet protocol service provider (called IPTV). They offer their subscribers over 1000 TV channels to select from at a price rate of $15 per month. You can access the services on devices that run on the Android operating system. The channels are of high definition quality and SD. Users have access to stream channels from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and other international areas like Brazil, Germany, Singapore, and Pakistan. 

Dark Media IPTV offers different channel categories: comedy, pay-per-view, documentary, news, movies, kids’ shows, religion, sports events (like NBA EPL, NHL, ESPN, MLB, NBL, NPL), and lots more. It offers adult channels but with parental control. Before accessing this channel, all subscribers are to confirm if they are up to 18 years. This adult channels child lock (a password section).

Dark Media IPTV Pricing

This IPTV offers two different subscription plans but does not offer any free trials as of this writing.

These plans differ in price—it bases on the channel offerings and duration of a subscription.

These are the two different subscription plans:

  • 15 dollars per month for over 1,000 channels and 4 connections 
  • 45 dollars per 3 months for 1,000+ channels and 4 connections

We always advise paying month to month with any IPTV service. Do not seal yourself to year-long plans, as services sometimes go offline.

How To Install And Stream Dark Media IPTV On Firestick

You can install Dark Media IPTV on a Firestick device by using sideloading tools like the Downloader app. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Enable apps from unknown sources. Click on settings in the device home screen. Tap the developer options, and you will see Apps from unknown sources, click on it to enable it.

Step 2: In the fire stick home screen at the search bar and search for the downloader app. it will download and install itself. Click open the downloader app.

Step 3: Enter in the address bar after the downloader installation and click Go.

Step 4: When it opens, scroll down and tap the DarkMEDIA_2.1.8.apk version (it may change) and wait for it to load.

Step 5: After it downloads, click on Install.

Step 6: Open the app after installation. Input your login credentials like your email address and password. Then you Login afterward.

Step 7: Wait for the media contents to load onto your fire stick device, and you can stream any content of choice at the comfort of your home.

Features Of Dark Media IPTV 

  • It has over 1000 channels of high quality 
  • It gives unlimited access to content based on the monthly subscription, with bonus options available 
  • Stream content without the hassle
  • Vast access to pay-per-view and sports 
  • Access to international channels 
  • It has an Electronic Program guide for new users
  • It is VPN friendly
  • No IP restrictions
  • Apk is accessible for Downloader
  • It is compatible with the Android operating system and Firestick devices
  • Approves credit or debit card payment 
  • Up to date content

How To Create A Dark Media IPTV Account

You need to register for Dark Media IPTV on their official website before using their services. Follow the guides below to create an account:

Step 1: Visit the Dark media official website @ and select any subscription plan you want. Then click the Order Now button.

We recommend using a VPN when registering for any IPTV services. It is because their servers may be insecure.

Step 2: Input any Username of choice and Password on the Configure page and tap on the Continue button.

Step 3: Review the plan you chose on the Review & Checkout page, then tap Checkout.

Step 4:  Fill in the necessary billing details. Scroll down the page.

Step 5: After filling out the needed billing information, tap the Checkout button.

After you register with a valid email address, you will receive a confirmation email. This information includes all your account login notifications, installation instructions, and other significant information.

You can enter your account login information on your Dark Media IPTV application and access all its content.

Is it Safe to Use Dark Media IPTV?

This IPTV service provider is safe and legal to use. However, as we all know, it is always advised to use a VPN while streaming IPTV movies and other entertainments. 

Dark Media IPTV Alternatives

GSE SMART IPTV – Advanced IPTV Solution app helps its users to add their HTTP remote playlists and manage their local playlist of a database. You can import EPG xmltv formats from either your hard drive or an external source, update them regularly, then export the whole thing as XML for use in other media players like Plex Media Server.

A list of favorite channels is available with this application which you may designate as “active” so that they always appear at the top-level menu under favorites while others are grouped by genre; all live TV streams will be automatically recorded if enabled on preferences settings. 

IPTV-Smarters Player – If you want to watch your favorite movies and series online, this app is for you! It allows users to access live channels, Catch-up Streaming IPTV HD Player, videos, and more. You can also control hosting with the help of VPN Client offers that provide secure browsing. The mobile application supports Xtream Codes as well as loading M3u File/URL in addition to other functions such as parental controls making it possible for people enjoy their viewing experience without interruptions or distractions from others around them; they even have an electronic program guide (EPG) which helps viewers find what show/movie interests them instantly by providing a list of upcoming episodes on TV networks & channels


Dark Media IPTV delivers a wide range of channels to select. It has fewer shield errors when in comparison with other IPTV providers in the market. Its videos are a little different from the digital videos from apps like Netflix or YouTube. Also, unlike other standard cables, multiple Tv sets can use a single subscription in IPTV.

We advise you to install an active VPN on your Android device before accessing any IPTV service portal. It will secure your personal information from jeopardy. Because of the increasing daily list of IPTV providers, most of them do not have licenses or legal documents to operate.