How to Install VirginTV Go on Fire TV Stick

This article will teach you how to install Virgin TV GO on firestick and fire TV cube devices. Everyone understands that everything is available online today. It is becoming more usual for individuals to view movies on streaming devices such as Firestick, Roku, and Chromecast instead of on televisions.

Everybody loves to watch their favorite TV series online using streaming gadgets since all TV shows are available online. You may watch movies, videos, dramas, and many other types of content online, no matter where you are, and it’s always accessible. Therefore in the post, we’ll explain how to install VirginTV Go on your Firestick device. It is possible to view movies, television programs, and episodes on VirginTV Go.

About VirginTV Go

VirginTV Go is indeed among the cable tv stations in the United Kingdom, offering a variety of programming. Virgin TV was formed in March 2006 when Telewest and NTL combined. Next, it will be converted into a Smallworld link by 2014. About 51 percent of UK households use Virgin’s cable channel.

Virgin TV is now the second-largest paid television provider in the United Kingdom, behind only Sky. VirginTV Go was announced in the future and is now accessible on the internet. Virgin Media’s lineup has launched many HD channels, including National Geographic and ESPN HD. All of the channels offer high-definition (HD) audio and video services. Virgin Media accepts 3D set-top boxes as a payment method.

Key Features of VirginTV Go

VirginTV Go allows you to watch live TV and sports events on your mobile device.

  1. Amongst the most popular TV channel apps.
  2. Up to 110 channels are available for live video viewing.
  3. Bingetastic TV boxes are available as TV set-top boxes.
  4. VirginTV Go allows you to download the program and view it later.
  5. Offline viewing is also possible for downloaded files.
  6. You can add your favorite programs first to your TV guide.
  7. With your own, you may build a watchlist for on-demand items.
  8. The cost of your pack will not increase.
  9. Enhanced compatibility with iOS, Windows 10, and Android devices
  10. As a result, it functions well on both tablets and smartphones.
  11. With a personal username and password, you may download it to up to four gadgets.
  12. Roughly two gadgets can be used at the same time and watch television.

How to get VirginTV Go on Firestick?

VirginTV Go is not directly available on Firestick in the United States at this time. Rather, we’ll have to sideload the program into our computer. How and where to obtain VirginTV Go on Firestick will be explained in two ways.

  1. By making use of the downloader application
  2. By also using the ES file explorer

How to get VirginTV on Firestick Using the Downloader App

Step 1: You should plug the HDMI port on your home device into the Firestick device.

Step 2: You must establish Wi-Fi connectivity before you can turn on the device with the Firestick control.

Step 3: On the device’s main page, choose Settings.

Step 4: You’ll find it under “My Fire TV.”

Step 5: Select the “Developer option” by moving the cursor over it.

Step 6: Choose “Applications from Unknown Sources” from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Click “On” to turn on the device.

Step 8: Installation is as simple as typing Downloader app into the search bar on your smartphone and clicking “Install.”

Step 9: you may find the URL tab by opening the Downloader program.

Step 10: Enter VirginTV Go’s URL and click “Go.”

Step 11: VirginTV Go will download itself instantly on the gadget after clicking the button below!

Step 12: Once you install VirginTV Go, you may find your favorite programs as well as live TV.

How to get VirginTV Go on Firestick using ES File Explorer?

Step 1: Navigate to the webpage of your Firestick device.

Step 2: Install ES File Explorer on your smartphone by searching for that too.

Step 3: Users can locate the +New option in the ES File Explorer program.

Step 4: Then, select the “+New” tab.

Step 5: In a tiny window, you’ll see 2 alternatives: Name as well as Path.

Step 6: For VirginTV Go, provide the desired name and route.

Step 7: After it prompts for authorization to start, select and click Download now.

Step 8: There is a VirginTV Go app under your applications area on the service’s front page.

Step 9: Then, open it as well and watch your favorite programs in high definition!

Is VirginTV Go a Free Service to use?

You can use it without charge. VirginTV Go allows customers to watch and download more than 2000 TV programs. There are various genres to choose from, such as comedy channels, cartoon channels, and more.

What is the VirginTV Go Service?

At the same time, VirginTV Go subscribers may watch television on up to four mobile or tablet devices. As a result, you may avoid conflicts and also see your favorite programs on connected apps.

Is it Legal And Safe to Use VirginTV Go Service?

Yes, this app is safe and legal. You have nothing to fear while streaming with this app. However, you may encounter location restrictions. So using a VPN which helps to bypass restrictions is recommended.

Can I View VirginTV Go’s Catch-up Service?

Your internet tv service will be accessible from everywhere after you’ve installed VirginTV Go on your devices. You may watch the Live and catch up with VirginTV Go. It’s easy to catch up if you’ve forgotten anything while using your mobile device.

With VirginTV Go, How Many Devices Can You Have on Your Home Network at Once?

VirginTV Go allows you to connect up to four TVs when you download the software to your mobile device. It takes a month to alter one. The program allows you to reinstall it on a new phone if you’ve already used it on another.

Alternative Apps

Sky TV

Sky TV offers a strong competitor to Virgin Media for television, with similar numbers of channels and features. But where Sky falls short is in the broadband department – it doesn’t overtake Virgin as far as bandwidth speed goes. However, they do offer some sort of ultrafast internet packages that are more available than what you find at other providers like BT or TalkTalk.


NOW TV is the perfect solution for anyone that needs a cheap, hassle-free broadband and television service. With this option you can enjoy rave reviews from satisfied customers due to their affordable pricing on both internet and cable packages as well as not having any long term contracts or special equipment needed in order to watch your favorite channels thanks NOW TV streaming services being compatible with nearly every device out there!


VirginTV Go is the finest app in the UK for watching live TV. VirginTV Go has more than 2000 live channels available for streaming, and it is easy to find them. To make the customer’s search easier, categories including Animation, Athletics, Graphics, and many more are accessible. Enjoy it on your home device’s large screen. If you run into any problems, kindly let me understand in the discussion section beneath. Thank you.