How To Install Emby On Firestick

Emby is a client-server application. This means Emby has two parts to it: the Client, which installs on your Firestick and Fire TV, and the Server that needs to be set up on either your computer or other compatible devices.

In this post, I will guide you through how you install emby on Firewall. There are two methods outlined in this post and both are easy. Let’s get started!

How To Get Emby Installed On Firestick And Fire TV

Method 1: Installing Emby from the Store

Step1. Locate the Search option located on your Firestick

Step 2. Search for Emby by typing “Emby,” on the display and selecting it from the suggestions displayed below.

Step 3. The first displayed option given should be what you are looking for. Select the Emby that has a blue badge.

Step 4. Click the Get Button on the screen from there. The app should now download and install automatically. It will then be added to your app list.

Method 2: Downloading Emby from Amazon

Initially, you need to ensure that the browser signed in is your Amazon account. Once this has been completed, navigate through a few easy steps as outlined below:

Step 1. Navigate to for remote installation on any device including iOS or Android tablets and phones via AirPlay with our newest app release 7 (iOS) or version 4 (Android). Supports playback of photos & videos stored locally on devices; all content can be streamed wirelessly based – no wires required! 

Step 2.  Once selected, click “Install” at the bottom right corner if not already installed before clicking the “Next” button just above.

Post Installation Activities:

Setting up the Server

You just installed an app for your Firestick or Fire TV, but you’ll need to set up a server in order to use it.

Emby is a media server that can be set up on Windows PC, Mac OSX or Linux. You’ll also want to install an app for your Firestick and/or TV box like the one found here: However – in order to use any video streaming apps through this device (like Kodi) with other devices wirelessly across your network – you will first need to set up an Emby Server! There are many options as far as how best to deploy these servers including setting them up locally using Docker, FreeBSD or NVIDIA Shield; but if all else fails there’s always the option of deploying over Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

With the Emby server installed, you’re ready to start streaming media. There are a few steps before launching into your favorite show or movie however: 

  • First make sure that all of your devices have been connected and configured properly on the website (use our installation guide here). 
  • Once this is done, head over to, download the file for whichever device you’re using and install it as per instructions in their respective guides!
  • With Emby, the wizard will help you choose a language and type of content for your client to view. You can specify where that content is located too: local drive or mapped drives are options but if it’s on another computer then enter its UNC path into this space! 
  • The wizard completes setup when you get to the dashboard which lets you control what happens with your server.

Connecting To The Server

After installing Emby on your Firestick and setting up the server, you can now connect them. The app client will give you a choice to use “Emby Connect”, which allows it to connect with any of their servers regardless if they’re in that location or not.

We then enter our IP address for both devices so we can sync everything together; this way we get access to all content from anywhere!

What Is Emby On FireStick

What if you could have one application that was capable of organizing all the different types of media, be it movies or TV shows. You would think this type of app must exist already and maybe even for free! Well Emby is your solution to just such a problem. It comes with an easy-to-use interface so that navigating through all your content becomes as simple as possible – no matter how many kinds there are between them being movies, TV show episodes or other sorts like music videos etc… Its features don’t stop there though because in addition to keeping track on where everything can be found at any given time since its database has been developed over the years by adding more sources like YouTube links than ever before which means not only will anything.

Pros Of Emby On Firestick

  • It comes with a  Free Server
  • Helps you to organize media files
  • It has an ‘Easy search’ option
  • It comes with a Creative design layout and a comprehensive interface.
  • You can download 
  • You can download movies of different genres
  • You can also Watch Live Television Channels.

Cons Of Emby On Firestick

  • There is no option to cancel a download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Emby app for free?

Emby is free to download and install on your Firestick. For those who prefer a more DIY approach, downloading the apk file and jailbreaking their device by installing Emby through third-party sources might be just what they need!

Are there any special requirements for Emby?

Yes. You’ll need to accomplish an in-app purchase or subscribe to its premium account, but with a download and playback function for your media files including music videos you can enjoy offline without any bandwidth issues!

Are there any ads while using Emby?

No. There are no ads while using Emby, which is great because they’re only a few features that don’t work well with it- like downloading cancellations or watching TV live streams on your phone!

Emby Alternative Apps


Infuse is a media server that allows you to enjoy movies and videos across all of your devices. It supports subtitles, has diminished the need for conversion, making it easier on users with different platforms


Kodi is the perfect solution to your home theater needs. It features support on a variety of platforms and can be customized for you in whichever way that suits you best!

Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server offers a centralized media streaming solution that can be accessed from any DLNA-enabled device. This allows users to get at their favorite movies, music and pictures without having to spend time on the whole process of managing everything on each individual machine.

Universal Media Servers is an all in one multimedia platform for your devices which includes game consoles, smart TVs, smartphones as well as DVD & Blu-ray players!

Emby Pluggins

Content Provider

Did you know that the content providers plugin can be enabled? This feature will allow you to download a variety of content types, including similar and beneficial media for your existing books or games.

Live TV

LiveTV is a well-known app-plugin. It allows you to have access to live broadcasts from your favorite channels/shows – such as the World Cup! To enable this feature on tv tuners that support it, simply adjust them so they receive transmissions of each individual channel instead of scanning for all available stations within range (although these are still an option). Once configured properly, add sources where you can enter guide data or find IPTV listings through M3U files compatible in many devices like set-top boxes. Finally make sure your lineup matches what’s recorded by using one source at a time and checking if everything else lines up.

Wrapping up

Emby may be the new kid on the block but it has some pretty neat features. This guide will show you how to install Emby without much trouble and make sure your data is safe with a good VPN like IPVanish.