Installing the Onebox HD APK on Fire Stick TV in One Minute – 2021 Edition

You may have heard the sad news that Terrarium TV abruptly shut down. Since it will never again be updated with new content, I searched for some of its most suitable alternatives and found OneBox HD to be a great option.

OneBox HD is an on-demand media app available for Android devices, which also has Fire Stick and FireTV versions so you can watch all your favorite movies without having to leave home – or spend money!

OneBox HD is an app that was once available for download on the Google Play Store, but it has since been removed. Users with Android devices can still install Onebox HD by downloading and installing a different apk file via sideloading, which would be downloaded to their phone or tablet as they open up a browser. If you have iOS devices like iPhone then you will need to go through Safari Browser in order to find the OneBox App Apk Download page at GitHub and click the “Download” button there so your iPhone becomes capable of running this great movie application!

OneBox HD for FireStick

You should use the search feature directly on your FireStick’s main screen, which is located at the top-left of the device display, to reinstall the application from the Amazon Store.

When it comes to apps that must be installed from an external source, the items are not quite as simple and clear. In fact, Amazon’s FireStick device could sideload OneBox HD, which is not an Amazon Store application. Installing such an application on your fire TV device requires the following: Enabling  Unknown Sources Apps always designed to be enabled.

Enabling the App from unknown source

Unknown Sources Apps is a safety configuration that is deactivated by default to prevent downloads from any third-party sources. Follow this step to enable it:

 Step 1. First from the main menu bar mostly on the FireStick homepage, select Settings.

Step 2. With the next options that display on your screen, select and click Device.

Step 3. Go to Developer Options and then click it to select.

Step 4. The next screen will definitely prompt you to turn it on. Quickly do so to turn it on.

Installation Steps: Onebox HD

Before installing applications like OneBox HD on your FireStick, you’ll need two sideloading apps such as: 

  1. Es-File Explorer
  2. Downloader

Both of these apps are available on Amazon. Try searching for them now and install the Es-File explorer using the search function on the FireStick device’s start menu. 

Method 1: Install OneBox HD APK on Fire TV Stick Using Downloader

Open Downloader after downloading it from the Online Store and also follow the steps below:

Step 1: Here on the right-hand side of this same Downloader app’s home screen, there should be a blank space where you can type inside this should be after selecting the Home tab, which is positioned on the left side of your screen. Then  Inside this area, click.

Step 2: Click GO after typing in the preceding Link for the OneBox APK:

Interesting: After you’ve tried to install the OneBox HD, go back as well as install MV Cast-Player from This player will be able to work effectively even without OneBox HD to work.

Step 3: In a few instants, the Downloader app would then connect to the internet where the One-Box HD APK file is located as well as begin downloading it.

Step 4: Once the APK download is complete, the Downloader app would then run this same database and begin the setup process. Click On install mostly in the bottom right-hand corner of this screen.

Step 5: Allow the One-Box HD APK to be installed on the FireStick. So if you install this useful app on your device, you’ll also see App Installed message that will be displayed on your screen. Once you click the Open button, the app launches straight away. But before that, let us just click Done.

Step 6: To return to just the Free download app, click the Done button.

To remove the OneBox HD APK file again from FireStick, simply click the Delete icon. Your device’s memory space is confined, so there’s no sense in trying to keep files that would no longer be necessary.

Step 7: Select Delete once more.

That’s it! Return to the FireStick home menu/screen and launch One-Box HD APK.

Is it Legal to Stream with OneBox HD?

Installing this app on your device is legal and safe. Also running and streaming with this app on your firestick and windows device is legal.. 

OneBox HD Alternatives

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is the best OneBox HD alternative if you’re looking for something that works on iOS, Android and PC. PlayBox has a great UI design with an easy-to-navigate interface; it also looks similar to Onebox HD which makes navigation simple. It carries more content than Most streaming apps, plus users don’t have to deal with low-quality streams as much because of its many high definition categories!

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is a streaming app with high-quality content available on both iOS and Android devices. The UI of the application feels very user friendly, offering several different options for users to choose from while browsing through their extensive library. MegaBox offers several quality settings in order to better suit your specific internet connection; meaning if you have a slow one or are experiencing lag because it’s loading too much at once, then there’s an option out there that will work best for you!

Movie HD

Movie HD is a movie streaming service that specializes in high definition clips and movies. It also offers lower quality streams, ensuring your viewing preferences will be met no matter what you are looking for. With the ability to download videos as well, there’s never an issue if you’re away from Wi-Fi or want something to watch on the train ride home. The UI design is sleek with fast access buttons for popular titles currently trending online so even viewers unfamiliar with Movie HD can get right into browsing content without hassle!


I believe reading through this article, you have learned about Onebox HD APK. We also talked about the features of this amazing app and how you can install and set it up easily.  If you encounter any issues while installing or streaming with this app, do drop a comment and we will be glad to help.