How to Install Facebook Watch on FireStick

The best social networking site in the world today is Facebook. On the web, Facebook has more than 2.5 billion monthly active users. Facebook becomes the first online platform that provides the opportunity to make new global friends and to exchange experiences, feelings, and many more. Above 71% of Americans use Facebook, and the percentage is going higher with time than 38% of Instagram users and 23% of Twitter users. 

Facebook does not only connect people. It also serves as a platform for media sharing that targets large audiences unintentionally or intentionally. Because of Facebook policies, you may or may not like Facebook. However, Facebook’s video streaming platform has grown to a point it can dominate YouTube, which is the current biggest streaming platform in the world. 

Today we will be discussing Facebook Watch also known as Facebook’s video-on-demand service and how to install the app on a firestick device.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is an online free video-on-demand (VoD) service that users of Facebook can use to share their videos and stream premium content with the community. It allows you to share virtual parties with your friends on Facebook.

In 2017, Facebook kicked off its VoD service called Facebook Watch in the United States, and it is not available in many other countries. It works the same way as YouTube. Based on your viewing activities, you receive a personalized streaming service together with variant video categories.

Features of Facebook Watch

The contents available on Facebook Watch are endless, whether short skits, entertainment, news, sports conferences, or live sports. All you need to do while using this app to enjoy these features fully is to follow your favorite creators and channels to receive the current videos and content in your feed.

Facebook has been working with different television networks to present big-budget web series for their users to watch. They are also currently giving several ways for creators to make money from their content on the platform, which already attracted influential creators on YouTube.

In the Amazon App Store, you will see the app listed as “Facebook watch,” which is easy and simple to install. 

However, Facebook has made it possible to watch videos and podcasts added by millions of content creators. You can also watch the videos you have uploaded and the ones your Facebook friends have shared.

Steps to Install Facebook Watch on FireStick

We will provide a detailed guide on installing Facebook watch on FireStick. It is important to note that the app is available for FireStick and Fire TV Cube, Pendant Style Fire TV, and Amazon Fire TV. 

The Facebook app is compatible with all the Firestick revisions, and in the app categories of the Amazon App Store for Fire TV equipment, the Facebook app is present. If you do not know how to install a Facebook app from the Amazon App Store, all you need to do is to go through the steps below:

Step 1: Launch your firestick device and locate the search bar: You start by locating the search bar, which you can find in the top left corner of the home screen of Amazon FireStick.

Step 2: Searching for Facebook App: Type “Facebook watch” in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard and select from the drop-down list from your type result

Step 3: Select Facebook Video App

Step 4: Click on the “Get” icon. 

Step 5: Downloading of Facebook App: After a few seconds (depending on your internet speed), it will start downloading.

Step 6: Wait for the download to finish. The duration of download depends on your internet speed and processor capacity.

Step 7: Go to the FireStick home screen and open App and Channels

Step 8: Click the “See All” option

Step 9: Click on Facebook and select the three horizontal lines

Step 10: Click Move option, place Facebook in front of screen

Step 12: Open Apps and Channels and there you will find Facebook Watch on the Fire TV home screen.

Step 13: Login to Facebook using your login details and enjoy videos

Pros of Facebook Watch 

The Facebook Video App has an upgraded and multi-featured media player. Once launched, videos will appear on the screen, and by scrolling the scroll bar, you can stream all video options. 

It allows you to fast forward, pause, and back forward while streaming a video. As a viewer, you can share, like, save, and comment on a video with the assistance of a three-dot icon on the bottom left. 

By selecting the profile icon, you can see your uploaded videos. Click on view channel options if you want to see more videos of the same channel.

The Facebook app’s interface on FireStick is easy for new users as the interface resembles the older version of the YouTube app in several ways. These familiarities make new users not have difficulties in making use of it. 

It will be better to log in to the app using your personal Facebook account to have the best experience using Facebook on FireStick. 

Content suggestion: Facebook watch tailors content suggestions close to your watching habits. To log in to this app, click on the login button and fill in your Facebook login credentials in the app. After login, on the left-hand side of the interface, you will see different categories such as Live, Home, Settings, and Your Videos. 

Home Page: You can scroll to infinity through the contents your friends are sharing and the video suggestions on the home page. 

Live Page: This page contains live content. The live contents include live gaming streams and live coverage of breaking news.

Your Videos Page: You watch videos you have previously bookmarked to watch later, chosen to share with your friends, or liked on this page.

Settings Page: Currently, there are no options whatsoever on the settings page.

Through the FireStick remote, the web player supports rewind, fast-forward, and pause/play functionalities. Using the progress bar in the player, you can also manually scrub through the video.

With Facebook Video App, you will have a facebook experience brought to your large screen. 

Cons of Facebook Watch

You must have a Facebook account before you use this app unlike other streaming apps such as youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put Facebook on a Samsung smart TV?

A statement from Samsung made users know that the Facebook Video App for TV is currently compatible on Samsung-Smart Television, it’s 2017 Q-LED Television lineup, including all of its 2015 to 2017 Smart TV models. All you need to do after installing and Launching the app is to authenticate one time with Facebook.

Is it Legal?

Yes. It is legal to install and watch with this app. 

Is it Free to Use?

It is free to install and use this app. All you need is internet connection and your facebook account.

Finishing Up

No doubt, after successful download and installation, you will be enjoying Facebook Videos on your TV using FireStick if you follow these steps outlined above. Few countries in the world have Facebook apps listed as “Facebook Watch” in the Amazon App Store, and this is something you should look out for in Amazon App Store.

This write-up is a guide that covers the steps involved in the installation of Facebook on FireStick. Also, Covered is a short overview of the FireStick app for its new users. 

If you encounter any problem while installing this app on your FireStick please leave a comment below.