Install Google Photos on Firestick in 60 Seconds

What’s your favorite way to organize and share memories? Oftentimes, I find it difficult to organize my photos and videos. Fortunately, there are ways for us to store our pictures safely using google photos. It is available on firestick as well as other devices like the 4k Fire TV or Cube!

Google Photos is a well-designed, user-friendly app that automatically organizes all your photos according to its algorithm. Now you can view them on any of the many devices compatible with Google’s photo storing service like Amazon Fire Stick or get automatic backups for peace of mind!

Getting photos off your phone and onto the FireStick is a breeze with Google Photos. All you need to do is download it, sign in if you have an account, or create one from within the app. Follow these easy steps!

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is an app that automatically backs up all your photos and videos. It lets you free up space by removing files you don’t want, find pictures fast, and rediscover forgotten favorites.

Installing Google Photos 

At present time, there is no way of getting Google photos in Amazon’s App store which forces users like you here to wonder how they could get their hands on using such amazing software without going through too many hassles!

To install the Google Photos app on your Amazon Firestick, you can either use a third-party website that downloads and installs APKs onto devices or sideload it yourself from an Android device with access to the download link for this application.

Using the downloader App to sideload the APK

Sometimes, it can seem like the whole world is against you in your quest for an easy and hassle-free way to download a few apps onto your Amazon FireStick. But fear not! I’m here with some simple steps that will make this process as painless as possible:

First off, we’ll need a downloader – which should be able to handle downloading of Apk files from either Google Play or other third-party sources (as long as they’re using APK). So go ahead and install the downloader app using the steps below:

Step 1. Open your Firestick device and click on settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options.

Step 2. Select Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging to turn it ON.

Step 3. Return to the home screen and open Amazon App Store > search > Downloader app.

Step 4. Click Downloader app icon > Get > Install.

Step 5. Open the downloader app and click on the URL field and then enter the APK URL: and then choose Go.

Step 6. Now, wait for the APK to download and click on install > done > delete > delete again to remove the APK raw file.

Step 7. Return to the home screen and head to Apps and Channels on your firestick device home screen and select All.

Step 8. Click on Google photos

Using Casting: How to cast Google Photos App on Firestick

To use the Google Photos app on Amazon Fire TV stick, you’ll need to sideload it manually. This is a bit of an inconvenience and can be confusing for newer users who may not know how to do this without “help” from another device like their smartphone or computer. But if that sounds too difficult, there are other ways: Casting using your phone’s Wi-Fi connection will automatically transfer photos over so long as they’re saved in the cloud by uploading them at full resolution (16 megapixels).

When you’re ready to watch your favorite TV show, both of your devices must be on the same WiFi network. First, go to Google Play Store and download All Cast App onto your Android device. Next, install the All Cast app onto Firestick as well from Amazon App Store. 

Step 1. Then connect each one by going into Settings> Network or Connections > Wifi Setup>  “Network Name” – this will be how they find each other when prompted during setup!

Step 2. As soon as the installation is complete, you will launch the All cast app on your smartphone device and select “Firestick”

Step 3. Tap on the pairing menu to connect your Android device with Firestick. Follow the instructions on the screen and tap “pair” once you’re done with a successful connection!

You can now view your photos on a larger screen by using Google Photos. You simply need to open the application and select which photo you want displayed from there, then choose TV as the output device!

Please Note:

Newer models of android devices come with a built-in Casting feature that enables them to project the phone’s display-screen onto other screens without focusing on a third-party app. To find out if your android device is capable of this amazing feature Select settings > connected devices > connection preference (or casting) options which you will find under ‘cast’.

Assuming you have “Cast” enabled on your android devices (smartphone, tablet), there’s no need for downloading extra apps like Allcast or other third-party casting apps; simply select one of these two options below under ‘Firestick’ when connecting through Cast: “Play From Phone” or “Streaming Services”. Remember that both phones must connect to Wi-Fi networks before streaming.

Features of Google photos


Keeping track of memories is hard work. There are all those photos and videos that you want to keep, but there’s never enough room on our mobile devices or computers! Google Photos offers a solution for this problem by storing images in the cloud at no cost with every new account. With 15Gb free storage per account, it can be used as an easy backup program if your device fills up too quickly. But what happens when you need more space? No worries – just head over to another one of your accounts for some extra help!

Save space on your device

A lot of people these days keep a ton of pictures and videos on their devices. This can lead to many storage issues, so it’s always best to free up some space by storing your images and videos on Google Photos. It also has the bonus benefit that you have access to them from anywhere without having any data charges!

Free to Use

Google Photos is not like other cloud storage providers on the market. They don’t charge us anything to use their service, making them a steal for anyone who wants to save space during this era of digital photography and video. All you have to do is upload your photos or videos from all over the world and Google will take care of everything else!

You no longer have to be confined by what your camera captures because now google photos have a feature that allows for editing photos and videos in real-time. With technology like this, anyone’s photos can look good!

Google photos is an excellent way to find any image you’re looking for. You can narrow your search by classifications like places, things, and so forth, or just look through the pictures they 

have right away to see if it’s what you need.

Has notifications. Allows you to set how often you want to back up your photos and videos.

Pros of Google Photos

Google Photos is a great way to store all of your memories! You can upload 15Gb per account at no cost and it’s easy enough for anyone to use. If you need more space, Google has plenty available in other accounts which are connected under the same user name so you don’t worry about anything ever being lost again.

User-friendly interface

I’m sure many of you know the struggle of having too much storage on your phone. You might be a person who wants to free up space for some new pictures or videos, but still, keep all those memories! Luckily, Google Photos is here to help out people like us. It has unlimited cloud backup and saves them in full resolution without any data charges!

Cons of Google Photos

You must have a Google account before you can use google photos

You have to keep safe your password and username as losing any of them might result in losing all your videos and photos.


Who doesn’t love Google Photos? It’s one of the most popular apps out there. In this tutorial guide, we showed you how to install it on your firestick so that you can enjoy and share all your memories with family and friends at any time anywhere on big screens!

The Google Photos app is so much more than just a tool to organize the saved videos and photos. It also makes it easy for you to access these files on your other devices, like Firestick and fire TV Cube! If you encounter any issues while installing this app, do let us know in the comment section.