Install Filelinked on Firestick – Latest Update!

The Amazon Fire Stick is a popular streaming device that offers some Android apps from the Amazon App Store. FileLinked makes downloading those apps easy for users of all ages and skill levels who are looking to customize their experience with this innovative product.

In this tutorial, you’ll use one of the many ways to install non-Appstore apps on Fire Stick. That may seem redundant at first glance, but once FileLinked is installed on your stick it will make downloading other apps a lot easier!

What is Filelinked App?

Apps downloaded from outside the Appstore can be difficult to install because they require an internet connection and your TV was not designed for browsing. You need a computer or phone, which most people do not have near their television set. Even when you are able to download these apps on a mobile device, there is still another obstacle that awaits: typing in long links with multiple periods.

FileLinked is a tool that makes downloading apps from outside Amazon’s App Store easier and more efficient. The service turns download links into codes, like “26648310.” It has become an increasingly popular option for Fire Stick owners who want to get around the limitations of the store and access other features they may not be able to find in it. 

People can create their codes with whichever app they please by typing them out or copying/pasting them from wherever you downloaded your original link-while all FileLinked code share this same format, each one will refer back to a different number on some server somewhere else online so people don’t need two numbers just because there are duplicates! 

FileLinked Application is a new service that shares videos, movies, and TV shows with friends. The only caveat to watch out for is malware as FileLinked codes can be created by anyone who has the URL of what they want you to see. 

In this case, it’s best not to use any FileLink code from an unknown source or one provided by someone you don’t know well enough – such as through social media apps like Snapchat! Instead, if streaming without their official app like Kodi seems too risky then consider using a VPN which will hide your activity even further so no third-party companies can track it back up again.

How to Install Filelinked App On Firestick

There are two methods to install the Filelinked app on firestick: using the downloader app and the ES File Explorer method.

Method 1: Using the Downloader app

Step 1. Open your firestick device and select the settings option 

Step 2. Select My Fire TV

Step 3. Select Developer Option

Step 4. Select Apps from unknown sources and ADB debugging. This will turn it ON.

Step 5. Return to the home screen and select the search icon

Step 6. Type on the search icon “the downloader app”

Step 7. Select the downloader icon when it appears.

Step 8. Choose to Get it and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 9. Open the downloader app after and select the URL field. Enter the Filelinked APK file URL and then select GO.

Step 10. Now, wait for the downloading to complete. Select the Install button and wait for a while.

Step 11. Select Done and choose delete.

Step 12. Select delete again to erase the APK raw file.

Method 2: Using ES File Explorer

Step 1. Open your ES File Explorer app

Step 2. Select downloader (this is found at the right corner of your ES File Explorer home screen).

Step 3. Scroll down and select ​+Ne

Step 4. Now, enter the Name and Path:

Step 5. Now, use FL as the name.

Step 6. Select download and wait 

Step 7. Now ES File Explorer will download ​FileLinked AP

Step 8. Select the Open file option

Step 9. Now, select install on your ES File Explorer and then wait for the installation to complete.


  • Filelinked is a powerful file-sharing service that can be installed on all Android devices.
  • Filelinked codes are created by anyone who has the URL of what they want you to see.
  • You can link to any number of files and download as many without being limited.
  • The interface is easy enough and the system doesn’t get in your way, which makes it a great option for anyone who wants peace of mind when they’re downloading something sensitive or private.
  • You’ll set up an individual PIN so that even if you don’t want everyone else seeing what’s saved on there, only those with access will be able to do so – this means no more worrying about people getting onto things you didn’t mean them to see!
  • There are plenty of tutorials available too from everything like how best not to delete anything accidentally while browsing through links over installing apps on Android devices themselves.


  • Navigable and user-friendly interface
  • Allows you to download multiple apps
  • Huge collection of APK files


  • The only caveat to watch out for is malware as FileLinked codes can be created by anyone who has the URL of what they want you to see.
  • However, if streaming without their official app like Kodi seems too risky then consider using a VPN which will hide your activity even further so no third-party companies can track it back up again.



FireDL app is a fast and easy way to download Apps, HD movies, TV shows, or any other content from the cloud. It works in two modes.

Compatible devices

Filelinked is a powerful file sharing service that can be installed on all Android devices (Android tv, Android phone) and Amazon Firesticks.

Can I Find Latest Apps on Filelinked?

In my opinion, Filelinked is the best App for downloading the apk file. You can download the latest versions of your favorite app as soon as they are released because I have been updating all the links on that site to point to newer apk files in a timely fashion.

In contrast with other sites like APKMirror and XDA-Developers which take much longer than necessary before mirroring new releases from Google Play Store, you won’t need any patience when using this unique service!

Is Filelinked illegal to use?

The Filelinked app is an Android-exclusive, legal link converter. It converts a long URL into code that can be uploaded and shared with others to access the content in question without having to type out or copy/paste it. The content of the code may or not be legal. Consequently, we recommend using this App with a VPN.

Is FileLinked Safe to use?

Fileinked is 100% safe and secure to use. Of course, always make sure to only download from a trusted filelinked store as some store owners might add viruses that can affect your device or steal personal data. 


FileLinked is a great way to share files with friends, and it’s also an excellent free app for sideloading apps on your FireStick or any other Android device. Until now you’ve had two options when downloading APKs: using the rather complicated process of entering long URLs in 

Downloader or ES File Explorer;-or simply installing FileLinked onto your Firestick (and then inputting a numeric code) so that all you need to do next is download APK files from the site’s main menu! Compared to its competitors this app has some significant advantages – namely, simplicity as well as time saved. The best thing about this awesome little tool? You don’t have to worry about typing out lengthy URLs.