Install Downloader on Firestick – Latest Edition

Learn everything you need to know about the Downloader app for FireStick in this article! It is one of the best apps available and has become essential as it allows firestick users to download virtually any app on their device.

Is your Fire Stick not able to sideload apps or is the Amazon store too hard for you? Well, we’re here with a guide that’ll help solve all of those problems. With our easy-to-follow instructions and an app called Downloader (available in their respective stores), get ready to download tons of cool new games without having any trouble!

What is a Downloader App For Firestick?

Downloader is one of the most popular apps that lets you download files from web pages onto your Fire Stick or TV device. It’s browser built-in, meaning it can be used to surf and download any file on a webpage without opening another page in Safari for example! You’ll find Downloader incredibly useful if you’re constantly looking for new music/videos online but don’t have time to open up more than five tabs at once just because they won’t play right away.

How to install Downloader App on Firestick

Step 1. Open your Firestick device and select the search icon

Step 2. Type downloader app and click on it when this logo appears

Step 3. Select Get it and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 4. Click open > Allow > Ok.

Enabling Javascript on the Downloader App

One of the most important features of Downloader is its ability to download images, audio files, and video. But before we get into that part let’s talk about something you should enable right away for a better experience—JavaScript! If this option remains unchecked some websites will not be accessible in your downloads with certain browsers or if they are using JavaScript on their site.

To enable Javascript:

Steps: Launch firestick > open downloader > settings > check the box.

How to Sideload Apps with Downloader App

Step 1. Open the downloader app and click on the URL field and then enter the APK URL: (HERE Enter the APK URL of the app you want to download) and then choose Go.

Step 2. Now, wait for the APK to download and click on install 

Step 3. Select done and delete > then delete again to remove the APK raw file of the app which you had installed.

Step 4. Return to the home screen and head to Apps and Channels on your firestick device home screen and select All.

Features of Downloader App

Downloader is the best app for downloading and installing third-party Android apps. Downloading an APK from anywhere on your phone couldn’t be easier as all you need to do is type in a name of the app that you want, like CinemaHD APK, and then select it when it pops up with other similar options. 

The moment after this step there will not only be one but multiple different versions available so download whichever suits your needs! You can also organize them by most popular downloads if needed. Once you downloaded any APK onto your device, these files are installed automatically without any work done at all which makes accessing new content very easy indeed!

Downloader is a convenient way to side-load APKs and frees up space. It has an inbuilt feature that deletes the installed APK after you install it so that your device can run smoothly without any lags or crashes.

The Downloader app is the perfect solution for FireStick remote users! You don’t need to connect a keyboard or mouse, because you can easily navigate and interact with the interface using one of these intuitive devices. The interface was designed specifically for this type of navigation, so it takes no time at all before it’s easy to use without any instruction manuals whatsoever.

Downloader is a lightweight and space-saving app that has been designed to take up less than 8MB of device storage and requires minimal system resources. The latest version available takes up an even smaller amount, but you can download the previous versions if required.

Downloader is an ad-free and completely free app. You’ll never have to worry about hidden in-app purchases, either! With its smooth interface and a wide variety of features, Downloader is perfect for any user who wants a seamless experience without the hassle of ads.

Downloader is a completely donation-supported app. Besides the option to donate, donating or not does not change the experience of using it in any way! I’ve been downloading files with Downloader for years and love what they do; that’s why when faced with an opportunity to contribute my bit so others can enjoy your work too – well, how could I say no? It was more about giving back than anything else.

Pros of Downloader App

Downloader app for FireStick is one of the most popular apps, as it has been downloaded and used by millions. It can be installed on all Android devices, but there are no ads with this application. 

The downloader works well with voice control capabilities in case you have a remote that comes packaged together with your Amazon device like the Fire TV Cube or Stick 4K Streaming Media Player -Pendant Design With Voice Remote Control included!

Downloader app supports almost all file extensions and allows you to view them within the application. It is very lightweight, so if your device has a little storage space this may be the perfect program for it! 

The downloading speed of files in Downloader is also much higher than its competitors which will save you time no matter what size they are. If nothing else about this download sounds appealing, then maybe that user-friendly interface might interest you? 

With straightforward navigation options like “download now” or “preview,” there’s not much more anyone could want when looking for an easy way to get their downloads done quickly without any hassle whatsoever!

Frequently asked questions

I Can’t find the Downloader app on my Firestick, What do I do?

If you’re having trouble finding the Downloader app on Amazon’s Store, it might not be available in your region. This is most likely why you can’t see or download the app from an official store. Deregistering and signing back into your existing account with FireStick will allow for a universal Amazon ID which includes access to all of their services including downloading apps like Downloader that are only offered through certain regions’ stores.

Is it Free to use?

Yes, it is free to use the Downloader App.


The Downloader app is a popular tool for downloading and installing third-party apps on Amazon FireStick streaming devices. The re-register workaround we talked about can also be used if you cannot find the downloader in the amazon store, which makes this an exceptional application with such ease of use that it has rapidly become one of the most widely used tools to install or sideload any type of file onto your device. If you encounter any issueslet while installing and using this app, do drop us a comment.