How To Install FireDL On Firestick

FireDL is an Android app employed for downloading, installing, and managing files through URLs. A lot of users use FireDL to install Streaming Applications or APKs like Cinema, Kodi, etc. The mode of operation of FireDL is similar to that of FileLinked, where users have to enter codes to install various apps.

If you want to reduce the stress that comes with downloading APK files manually from the internet and sideloading them on your smart device with third-party software or hardware, then FireDL is your best shot. The application is loved by millions of users, particularly those required to download many APK files for different apps on their devices.

Similar to other apps, it is Android-based and is available on Google Play Store. While it is very easy to download this app from Google Play, it is a lengthy and different process to sideload it on Firestick. It is why FireDL is essential to you. It operates as a search engine that installs applications, zip files, and documents to your Android box.

FireDL APK Download for Android and Firestick

FireDL has made URLs to download, install, and manage files become a lot easier. The app has received a good amount of rave reviews, which has made it a preferred choice for its users. It is very protean and provides numerous downloading options to its users, making it one of the best Firestick apps.

It is an outstanding downloader tool used to sideload apps like Cinema HD, Titanium TV, Kodi, and other firestick apps. It has also become a prominent Bulk Downloader for Media Streaming Devices like Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Android Box, Android TV, etc. It enables you to download a file by just entering its corresponding FireDL code rather than a lengthy URL.

The operational process of FireDL is straightforward, but you need to download the FireDL app online and install it on your computer, Android device, or Firestick following the steps in this guide. After the installation, open the app and use the correct FireDL code for the app you wish to install. A list of codes will be available in this guide, but you can find codes for a specific app on google.

The fact that you do not have to search the web all the time to find updated APK files makes this app pretty amazing to use, as most FireDL codes include the latest version of their corresponding app.

In previous times, the Amazon App Store had the FireDL application on it, but this has changed recently. For this reason, you must install the FireDL app through sideloading to a Firestick or Fire TV.

This article is a guide on the step-by-step procedure to install FireDL on Firestick. 

Use the step-by-step guide below to Install FireDL on your preferred streaming device.

How to install FireDL on Firestick?

Use the steps below to install FireDL on your device of choice. 

Step 1. Open Firestick or go to the homepage.

Step 2. Head on to settings and select the My Fire TV option. 

Step 3. Choose Developer Options under the My Fire TV option.

Step 4. Enable the Unknown sources to feature to allow apps from Unknown Sources

Step 5. Select “Turn ON” to enable the “Unknown Source” features.

Step 6. Search “Downloader” by pressing the Home button on your Fire TV remote and using the search option. You will require the Downloader application to download the FireDL app for Firestick.

Step 7. Choose the Download button to install the Downloader app on your Firestick.

Step 8. Click on “Open”

Step 9. Navigate to “Settings” in the Downloader app.

Step 10. Enable javascript in the setting to be permitted to download any file with the Downloader app.

Step 11. Provide the download link of FireDL APK to download the FireDL APK file. Input this URL:

Step 12. Wait for the downloading of the APK file to complete.

Step 13. After it finishes downloading, click on the Install option.

Step 14. Wait while your FireDL file finishes the installation.

Step 15. Click on “Done” after installation is complete.

You have successfully downloaded and installed the FireDL App on your Fire TV. You can now launch the app to sideload APK files on your Firestick.

Step 16. On the pop-up window, select “Delete.”

Step 17. Confirm “Delete” to delete the APK file.

Features & Details of FireDL app

The working process of the FireDL app is quite similar to that of the Downloader App. They both allow for easy installation of all your various and beloved APKs. If you are skeptical about which APK to download, you can always look online for a list of the Best APKs that suit your preferences.

Further, rather than using a download file URL to install various apps, FireDL allows you to use Codes to install various streaming apps & tools. All you require to use this feature is to know the corresponding code of a FireDL file. Once you do, you enter it into the file URL line and get a download to install any APK of your choice. 

How To Use FireDL Codes

Now that you have installed the FireDL application on your device, it makes sense that you understand and know the use of different FireDL codes. Follow the steps below to install your desired app using FireDL.

Step 1. Open your FireDL app on your device and enter the code into the URL line provided.

Step 2. After inputting the last number, the code will turn into a URL link. When this happens, click on Next. 

Step 3. Your file will start to download, so you wait till the download completes.

Step 4. After completion of the download, select Install

Step 5. Installation should not take much time to complete. Click on Done after it is successful.

Step 6. It will redirect you to the App List. When this happens, press the Settings button on your remote if you’re using Firestick and select the Move to front option.

With that, you have successfully installed an app of your choice using FireDL.

Some FireDL Codes.

Unlike the Downloader app, FireDL uses codes, and these codes are specific to every app that you can download. As earlier stated, if you know the code for the app you want to download, you need to enter it in the File URL line and download it. Below are some lists of codes to some popular apps you can download to your Firestick.

  • 655995 – Cinema HD APK 2.0.5
  • kodi1832 – Kodi 18 Leia
  • 617329 – Cyberflix TV
  • 296283 – Kodi 17.6 Krypton
  • 680010 – HBO MOVIES
  • 518809 – MX PLAYER
  • 452090 – Freeflix HQ
  • 300010 – ES EXPLORER
  • 280847– APTOIDE
  • 829111 – DIGIBIT VPN
  • 680032 – CINEMAX
  • 440289 – MOVIE HD 4.5.5
  • 680021 – I4SPORTS –
  • 300014 – VLC 2.0.6 ARMV7
  • 300008 – MOUSE TOGGLE 1.09
  • 539401 – NEWEST MOVIES V 1.4
  • 680025 – GEO STREAMZ
  • 600000 – STREAM!
  • 680028 – MOBILE TV
  • 693082 – Redbox TV


Installing and downloading your preferred APKs to Firestick using FireDL Codes should not be much of a tedious task for you now. This great app makes it simpler to download apps to your Firestick without necessarily using lengthy URLs or going through the prolonged method of sideloading the apps.