What Channels Are Free With The Firestick?

Ever wanted to watch your favourite programs on TV, but don’t want that pesky cable subscription? Well, now it is easier than ever with the newest innovation in technology: Amazon FireStick! With this small device, you can stream content from all of your favourite channels for free. Not only will these apps be accessible and easy to use, but they also offer some pretty cool features as well like voice search or a “game mode” button that allows you to play games while watching tv so there are no distractions.

Apps are free to install: The difference between free and paid channels is whether or not they require membership for viewing content. Some apps will offer a limited amount of content that you can view without needing an account, but some apps give away all their videos with ads running in the background.

Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels List

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is perfect for binge-watching your favourite show. The device offers a variety of apps to choose from, with many different genres and types of shows available! I’ve compiled my list into the best grouping and order possible so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Popular General Content Apps


YouTube has become so much more than just cat videos and makeup tips. There are a plethora of valuable informational videos on everything from how to learn to play the piano, all the way up through world history and language studies.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV was one of the best free alternatives to “normal” TV a couple of years ago. It had a similar interface and found it easy to navigate as well, with enough content for kids or adults – not too many ads either!


IMDb TV is a great app for those who are already invested in the world of Amazon content. While you won’t find anything new there, it will take some time to get through all that they have available. Some of their videos can be found on other sites like YouTube and Vimeo as well (though with different levels of quality), but this one has an extensive library full of free options so if you want something quick and easy MDB TV might be your best bet!


Crackle has been streaming content for a while now, and they’ve got plenty of good shows and movies to stream. For instance, their selection includes some old classics like That Girl where Suzanne Somers played the titular character alongside Tony Randall as her sardonic butler; The Carol Burnett Show with its iconic sketches such as “The Family”, “Carol’s Rant,” or the mischievous Mrs Wiggins from “As The Stomach Turns” that never fails to bring down-home hilarity into every episode! They also have newer TV series available on Crackle including comedy gems like The Tick starring Patrick Warburton in all his bumbling glory trying desperately not just to save Boston but perhaps even planet Earth too.

FilmRise Classic

FilmRise is a company that has partnered with other studios, producers and content creators in order to bring its customers more streaming content. The site claims they are the largest independent provider of digital streaming but this claim might need some salt as there seem to be many companies stating similar things these days.

RedBox TV

RedBox TV has a nice interface and impressive channel list. The app supports 17 different countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Germany etc., it works best with MX Player for quick access to channels you tag as your favorites. I also like its Movies & Tv Shows section which is useful when looking up videos from specific regions or genres.


Popcornflix is a streaming service that strives to deliver the best movie-watching experience possible. Popcornflix has been around for over 10 years, and they offer an impressive variety of movies in different genres. If you’re looking for content beyond TV shows (though their collection of those doesn’t suck either), then this might be your new favourite spot on Netflix!

Educational Channels


If you’re a fan of space exploration and science in general, then this is the perfect addition to your Fire TV Stick. It will provide great educational content for children and families who want to learn more about our universe.

Live TV Net

This live streaming app is the best way to enjoy your favorite TV shows and other programs. You can watch more than 800 channels, which includes movies, news broadcasts from all over the world; sports games for football fans; music concerts of popular artists – you name it! The team behind this app are passionate about their work and they intend to keep adding new features that will make Live NetTV even better.


PBS offers a great way to enjoy some of your favourite shows without having to pay anything. There are free episodes available and the PBS website also provides educational content, like science, nature, and history documentaries for free as well! You’ll be able to get localized content by providing your local station’s information on their site too.


TED Talks are a lot more accessible now with the latest app update! The best part about it is that you can watch talks from any device, at any time. Not only does it offer better organization of talks and make saving your favourites easy, but when you’re feeling bored or tired of watching TED Talk-after-talk on YouTube all day (which we don’t blame ya for), there’s always this “Surprise Me” function where they’ll surprise you with one random TEDTalk to get those creative juices flowing again.


TV Tap is the best app to stream TV shows and movies for free. The interface of this application makes it easy to use, without confusing menus or ads that are hard-to-skip. There’s no need for an account, just download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App store then click on channels you want watch in HD quality!


Kanopy is a service that provides film streaming content and many colleges use it as well. They have more Indie films than other services, so if you love documentaries then this would be the right place for you to go!

Streaming Local, News, and Sports channels

There are a ton of streaming services available to download to your Amazon Fire TV Stick, but most require you to log in with your cable provider. This defeats the purpose of ditching cable and cutting the cord if you’re trying to save money on monthly expenses like Netflix or Hulu Plus!

In the meantime, I think a good antenna and digital TV converter box is an excellent solution for this case. Once you have these set up in place, any local programming will be available on your TV without having to worry about paying cable providers any money at all! If there are some major networks that are missing from what’s being broadcasted by your area stations though, it might take more than just one or two antennas – but finding out how many would work best can only happen once they’re installed.


In this post, I reviewed some of the free channels on Firestick. FIrestick gives you access to tons of interesting channels ranging from entertainment, sport, news, educational channels and a lot more. Take advantage of Firestick today and be initiated to the world of unlimited free media content.