How To Use The Firestick Device Without a Remote

Amazon makes a strong case for their Fire TV Stick which was recently updated to include 4K support. You can stream content from your favorite services, and even use Alexa commands with hands-free voice control! While there are several competitors out on the market now like Google Chromecast, Apple’s new model of Apple TV or Roku but Amazon continues to be ahead in this competitive marketplace because they continuously update features while keeping costs low.

Apps make it easy to access nearly every video streaming service on the market. However, browsing through new releases can be difficult without a remote for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or Cube. If you’ve lost your remote, finding an alternative seems impossible – but don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways to control your device even if you have no physical link with Alexa or Siri voice control integration available in some apps and devices like AppleTV 4K 3rd Generation Remote Control enables users to play/pause videos; fast forward, rewind and navigate other smart features by using just their voices.

Luckily for those who have lost their Amazon Fire Stick remotes or simply don’t own one yet (perhaps they just bought a new TV), there are several options when accessing content via voice commands alone or purchasing another remote altogether. 

Using Amazon Fire TV Android or iOS App

If you’ve lost or broken your physical remote, Amazon’s Fire TV app is a great replacement. With this free app for iOS and Android devices, users can access all of the same controls as with a standard remote while also using their phones’ keyboards to type in search queries and microphones to voice-search for movies & shows on demand.

This alternative comes equipped with everything one gets from a regular device controller: volume control options along with back/home buttons that make it easy even if there are no other remotes around (e.g., when traveling).

How to Connect Amazon fire TV App to Firestick TV Device

It is frustrating when your television remote goes missing and you can’t stream Netflix! We know that feeling. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to fix this problem:

Step 1. Install the Amazon Fire TV app: Once you install the Amazon Fire TV app on your phone, it will be linked with your remote and allow for easy navigation. It’s a great alternative to using physical remotes if they have been misplaced or lost!

Step 2: When you sign in to your account, the TV should automatically detect and be paired with your phone. To do this, head over to settings on both devices then connect them by entering a password for each one of them if prompted. 

The common WiFi network is important because it allows the two devices that are supposed to share media content communicate without any trouble at all!

Step 3: Click on the code displayed to enter it. You’ll be able to continue from there! 

Step 4: Now, you will be asked for a 4-digit pin number that is shown on your Fire TV screen. Enter this and then move ahead with these instructions in mind:

Step 5: You can do everything on the remote from your phone, like turn up or down the volume and summon Alexa. Plus you have a little guide to remind you what all of those buttons are for so that it’s easy!

How To Use The Amazon Fire TV App Without WiFi

Simply connect two smartphones to form your own hotspot. One will broadcast the signal while another is free to stream media without interruption – perfect for sharing with family and loved ones during travel time or entertaining guests at home!

Step 1: If you’re at home and want to let your phone connect wirelessly with a TV, create an ad-hoc network by getting into the settings section on your smartphone. Once in there find the Wi-Fi option and tap “create new wireless network”. Give this hotspot uplink either a name that’s similar or exactly matches one of those saved for networks back home. When it comes time to reconnect when you’re near both devices just make sure they are within range of each other so they can automatically link up without fussing over passwords!

Step 2: In addition to changing your password, it is best if you keep track of the new one so that other people in your household do not know it. This will ensure a higher level of privacy and security for all members on this network.

Step 3: Resuming your favorite show has never been easier! To do this, on a wifi hotspot and restart the TV. After waiting about 5 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy streaming videos with ease- all without any pesky buffering and delays that plague traditional cable providers.

Step 4: Start by logging on to your Amazon account, then find the Fire TV app in your smartphone’s application list. Connect to a hotspot near you and sign into Facebook if that is what you prefer. Search through all of those titles available until one catches your eye!

Well, now there’s no need to be bored with just the TV by itself! You can access anything you want and perform all sorts of tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If I Lose Their Remote Control?

There are tons of different remotes out there for your Firestick. The best option is the free app on iPhone, iPad, Android or any other Smartphone thanks to its similarities with the original remote that came with this device and its compatibility across platforms!

Can you Track a Firestick?

Lost Firesticks are never seen again. You may not know if the TV you’re purchasing on a highly discounted online site has been stolen, as there is no way of identifying them as such!

Can Another Person Use My Firestick?

It’s possible to use another person’s Amazon Firestick with your own account, but there are restrictions. You may be able to purchase and stream content on the other device as well depending on who owns it; if you’re a prime member that is!

Buying New Remote

In case you lost your TV remote or if it stopped working, then have no fear. You can buy the new first-gen Alexa Voice Remote from Amazon for only $27.99 and use it on all Fire TVs made in 2015 to 2019! This way, you’ll be able to enjoy speedy streaming without having to constantly search for a missing remote that is probably hidden under something somewhere around the house anyway, so go ahead and get yourself one today before it’s too late!

Wrapping Up

One of the most alarming things about this age of technology is that people lose their remote. If you are a victim in need, there’s no need to fret because your Fire TV Stick can still be controlled without remote! There are many different methods and tools available for controlling your device–all with various features. The Amazon app will allow you full control over all functions on the screen while also giving access to Prime Video content; if for some reason it doesn’t work out, don’t worry-you have other options such as using voice search or downloading another remote application like Yatse. 

No matter what method works best for you, make sure that when navigating through menus use either arrow keys (on PC) or swipe from left to right across. Let us know your thoughts if you encounter any issues.