Why Does Firestick Keep Restarting? Solutions and Tips!

We do not doubt that Amazon FireStick opens in a new tab using a computer. It is an interesting gadget that lets you watch favourite online streaming Apps on your Television like YouTube, Pandora, NetFlix, Hulu, and many more over your Wifi connectivity. 

But sometimes it can take its toll; especially when the firestick keeps restarting again and again! Is this just because of some hardware issue? Or does something else need to be done instead?  In this article I will go over 10 tried-and-true methods for fixing any pesky issue you might encounter on your own Amazon Firestick – no need for expensive help from professionals

So Why Does The FireStick Keep Restarting?

Fixing the Amazon Firestick restart can be a daunting task, but it is not always necessary to bring in an expert. Many reasons could cause your device to keep shutting down unexpectedly and most of them can easily be solved at home with just a few simple tricks!

How to Troubleshoot your FireStick

One of the most common causes for an electronic device to crash is a glitch in either its software or firmware. The same can be said about Amazon’s Firestick; as with any other technology. Sometimes it happens because there was not enough power supplied that caused one complication and then another until the system fails. Fortunately, every single time this problem occurs we are given ways on how you could fix your firestick so easily–most times just by tweaking some settings will do!

Use Official/Original Accessories

If you have many children at your home and most times they misplace or keep your accessories to such a place that you wouldn’t find them. At times, you use another spare USB cable or accessory and then there is no problem but in case if you don’t go through this same predicament, try finding your original fire TV stick accessories.

Get Yourself A New USB Cable

When you notice that your USB cable is not sturdy, or malfunctions, then geeting a new one might be the next best solution! There are plenty of newer models out now that have improved speed and durability so give them a try if you haven’t already.

Change or Replace The Power Adapter

The main FireStick comes with a Power Adapter that has 1 Amp rating and most of the time, just using a new adapter or replacing it with one at 2 amps can solve this problem.

Directly Use Power Supply Instead Of TV USB Cable

If your Kindle Fire won’t start up the way you want it to, try plugging in a power source. The USB ports might not be able to provide enough power for normal operation and could need an external charger before things will work properly again.

Do not Make Use of Extensions

Using a USB port and power extension can make connectivity easier when there is no direct access to an outlet but they can also result in different problems with inadequate power supply. To avoid these issues, just unplug extensions if you have a restarting problem.

Disconnect Other Connected Gadgets That Has HDMI Port

Almost all TV comes with two or more HDMI ports. Because of this, it makes it easier for people to connect two or more devices on it. Sometimes the connection of too many gadgets in a single TV doesn’t give proper power to all the connected devices.

One way around this problem is by trying to remove other connected gadgets that also have an HDMI port (or connecting them one-by-one) to find out the device that is causing your issue.

Update FireStick Firmware

The FireStick is powerful and easy to use. Although it’s software-based, like any other software there can be bugs that are hard to fix without a new update. But the good news is you don’t need an engineer; just follow these simple instructions for updating firmware yourself!

Update the Firmware, using the steps below:-

  • Navigate to the FireStick TV Settings.
  • Press the My Fire TV > About button.
  • Now, click the “Check for system update” button

Change The Batteries On The Remote

The remote control of your TV can sometimes glitch out due to a low battery. If you have this issue, try swapping out the batteries first before trying anything else!

Formatting The Device

It is the last solution that I think you do to solve the restarting problem on your Fire Television stick. We have different ways to format or factory-reset the device but going via this difficult way could be best for all.

Open up “Settings” and click on “MyFireTV”. Go to the Factory Reset option and click it once, then wait until it’s complete before deleting all Apps from MyFireTV.

Turn Off Firestick And Allow to Cool

Oftentimes, when you overuse the firestick or fire tv cube devices, they tend to heat up. when this happens, the firestick device becomes laggy and in most cases, shuts down on their own. So to avoid this, set up a time frame on when to use the device and when to turn off the device to cool off. This helps to maintain optimal temperature while streaming with the device.

Reboot Fire TV Stick Using The Remote Button

If you have fixed the issue with restarting your Fire Stick, then it is time to address other problems. Resetting the device can fix up many of those pesky little bugs that are hard to find and difficult to solve. 

To reset a Fire TV stick or Amazon’s Kodi box, unplug it from power. First before performing either a soft or hard reboot which resets each back down into their factory settings respectively without deleting any apps on board by default for easy recovery in case something goes wrong again later after reconnecting out Wi-Fi network at home and loading all downloaded content onto this Tv media player again if needed but only when there’s an indication like a sudden flickering screen where mouse cursor disappears too quickly followed by reappearing momentarily.


I hope the tips shared in this post will help you troubleshoot your firestick problem yourself. If your firestick keeps restarting, following each of the troubleshooting steps explained in this article and I assure you, one of them will be the answer to your problem.