This question is quite common among people looking for means to bring local TV channels into their homes. If you are one of such, then you are in luck because this article will take you through the steps to install locast on your firestick without having any issues like buffering.

What is LOCAST App?

Locast is a top-rated tracking/streaming app that provides access to live local channels from news agencies all over the United States at no cost. Locast is considered a legal IPTV service that people can install on various devices such as firesticks, fireTV, Roku, iPhone, Android devices, and more.

Locast eradicates the problem of using an IPTV service where you cannot view any local channels content. It is one of the most common difficulties users come across when cutting the cord.

Although cord-cutters can enjoy local television with an antenna, these antennas come with a few setup complexities and high unreliability. Using the locast removes the need for a TV antenna as it enables you to stream local TV content directly to any device you wish to stream on.

There are up-to-date 100 or more available stations in specific locations, and the number rises as you add more channels to the platform. Using locast requires that you first register for a free subscription on the locast website. When your registration is complete, you can download the locast app and sign in to enjoy your free tracking.


Although app installation and use are free, it requires donations through credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Locast has very high-quality local channels, and its streaming is almost buffer-free which is why it has the following list of services;

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Cities Locast is Located

Locast can be found in 25 markets, though distributors continually increase numbers as time goes on. To make it easy to access locast on locations not included in the list below, you can connect to a VPN and change your Geolocation to any of the available cities listed below.

Locast is currently available in this cities;

  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Dallas
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • New York
  • Puerto Rico
  • San Francisco
  • Philadelphia
  • Rapid City
  • Scranton
  • Seattle
  • Sioux City
  • Tampa Bay
  • Washington DC
  • West Palm Beach

Channels Available on Locast

The availability of channels is determined based on the location you are streaming from in the world. But a more general service package should contain the following options;

  • ABC
  • PBS
  • GRIT
  • CBS
  • BUZZ
  • FOX
  • ION
  • NBC

The most efficient way to know what channels are available in your location, select your city on the locast website to view channel details.

Installing LOCAST App on firestick

Since many people prefer firestick for its groundbreaking features, enabling users to access unlimited movie content, TV shows, and more, this guide is a step-by-step manual focused on installing locast on your firestick without any hoops.

Step 1. Go to your device home screen, type locast on the search box, and select it.

Step 2. Locate locast under the apps and games menu

Step 3. Click on the download or Get it icon

Step 4. The app begins to download. Wait for a complete download.

Step 5. Then install. After installing the app, you could go ahead to launch the locast app. For this tutorial, we advise you to press down on the home button on your remote control. Click on the apps menu

Step 6. Browse through the locast app and select move

Step 7. Put the locast app in the apps and channels folder of your choice

Step 8. Launch the locast app

Step 9. Connect to a compatible location. Write down or save the activation code that you will receive.

Step 10. Use another device to log onto the URL- without an existing account, you will need to select the create account option to continue.

Step 11. Fill in the necessary information and tap register

Step 12. It will redirect you to an activation page

Step 13. Input the activation code from step 10 above, and tab submit

Step 14. Your firestick is successfully activated.

Step 15. Now you’ve got it. You have installed your locast successfully and are ready for you to enjoy the streaming of local channels at no cost.

Why Should you Install LOCAST App?

Locast is your one-stop shop for local news in the US. With lots of love local channels to choose from, you get to know what’s happening around you.

There are many reasons to install the locast app. The first is that it is a free service, where you don’t have to worry about affording cable subscription payments. locast is a simple way of staying on top of all local news in the US for no extra cost. With the help of this app’s user-friendly easy to use interface, you can find all the news you want.

How to Bring LOCAST App to the Front Menu

Step 1. Go to the app center and highlight the locast app

Step 2. Next, hold and drag the button and then press move.

Step 3. Drag the locast app icon and drop it in the front menu or wherever you want it.


The locast service is legal in the United States, although it is currently under a lawsuit by other news broadcasting agencies. But it is entirely okay to download and use.

Features of THE LOCAST App

  • Locast is a fantastic service that brings you many local news stations to stream from for free.
  • Locast pairs efficiently with many IPTV services that don’t air local channels.
  • Locast is easy to use and doesn’t require a manual to navigate through.
  • Locast is free to use, but the service providers depend on donations from individuals to Carter for the operations and maintenance cost.

How Does LOCAST Work?

Locast uses an antenna to collect on-air channels that you stream over the web for users’ selected locations. Locast is compatible with Android TV, Amazon fire tv, AppleTV, and Roku streaming platforms.


  • Locast provides live local channels
  • The service is inexpensive
  • It offers a solid, uninterrupted streaming experience
  • It is available on many platforms and in many cities in the US.


  • It doesn’t support DVR features
  • The interface is clustered
  • users experience great difficulty with customizing its live channel guide.
  • The current lawsuit might pose a discouraging factor to potential subscribers.

Alternative to LOCAST App

PLUTOTV: It is a United States internet-based television service offering live streams of selected TV shows, channels, and on-demand video content.

TEA TV: It provides more than 24 service channel contents worldwide with Arab, Indian, and Pakistan programs.


Locast has modernized how producers manufacture their TV broadcast with their goals set on bringing users media content at no cost. Locast also supports technologies that offer consumers a wide range of choices and greater accessibility to local media content. If you have any issue while installing this app, do let us know.