Nova TV APK is among the most wanted apps for streaming shows and movie content on firestick available in the market. It has won it a good position on our list of the best apps for firestick. The APK, which is entirely new compared to most streaming apps, has many on-demand video contents covering the range of most recent movies and TV show series.

Using NovaTV automatically grants you access to an extensive collection of movies and TV shows from various service providers like HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

What is even more interesting about this APK is its level of effectiveness in collecting quality streams. You can stream and watch high-resolution videos with pixels up to 1080 and even full HD quality videos. Nova TV APK makes it possible to pair with other premium hosters like Real Debrid etc.

Nova TV works excellently on firestick with its stress-free navigation friendly and remote control enabled interface.

What Is Nova TV App?

Nova TV is a free media search tool that you can install on an android device or Firestick. It looks up high-quality media links on file hosting websites and also provides a download option to save movies and TV shows to view offline.

This app is a unavailable on the official amazon app store, however, you can find it as a third-party app. Follow the steps below to allow app installation from unknown sources on Firestick.

Installing NOVA TV APK On A Fire TV Stick

It is an easy-to-follow guide. It is a detailed step-by-step procedure for carrying out the installation of the Nova TV APK ON your FIRESTICK. To install third-party apps on Android smart TV, you must first permit installing apps from the unknown sources command in the settings menu bar on firestick. You must do this if you are to install the NOVATV APK. Follow the steps provided below;

Step 1. Open firestick

Step 2. Navigate to the settings bar on the top menu.

Step 3. My fireTV name appears under the options for settings. Click on it.

Step 4. Another window pops up. Select developer options and click on them.

Step 5. Move your pointer to the apps from the unknown sources bar and click on it. Then click on turn on next.

Step 6. Now, you will navigate to the home screen and linger on the search box positioned at the top left side of the screen.

Step 7. Type the keywords ‘ downloader’, then click on search.

Step 8. Select and hold down the downloader’ the app to install on your firestick.

Step 9. Go ahead and open the downloader app.

Step 10. Input the download link of the Nova TV APK into the server address bar by entering the URL- https://www1.novatv.app/ and then click on download when the Nova TV website pops open.

Step 11. Give it time to complete download

Step 12. Click on the install button.

Step 13. At this stage, Nova TV begins to install

Step 14. Boom, you have successfully installed Nova TV APK ON your firestick.

Step 15. click on open to launch the APK and stream movies and TV series.

App safety. Nova TV is safe for downloading, installing, and use on any Android-powered device. It is a free service app that doesn’t require any form of subscription to gain streaming access.

NovaTV App Features

  • Nova TV APK provides you with too much entertainment content, enough to keep you going for the whole day without ever feeling bored.
  • Nova TV lets users create a customized playlist for their favorite content through the watch later option.
  • NovaTV APK utilizes fast servers, which results in the immediate loading of episodes.
  • Nova app provides subtitles in more than 220 different languages.
  • The NovaTV APK includes content from many genres such as comedy, crime, Drama, family, adventure, thrillers, horror, Romance, etc.
  • Nova TV makes use of high-quality scrapers capable of gathering many functional links in the HD quality. 
  • It also enables the interconnections between Real Debrid with any other premium hosters.

Is NOVA TV App Safe for Children Use?

Installing and streaming with NOVA TV apps is safe for everyone. The app itself is an official app that houses streamable entertainment. However, you should pay attention when downloading the APK file. Some third-party sites may have malware embedded on the APK. Consequently, we recommend double-checking the safety of third-party websites before downloading. 


  • The APK has a huge library containing lots of movies and TV series.
  • It is easy to navigate and very user-friendly.
  • It enables Trakt to sign in
  • It also enables users to sign in with Real Debrid, premium, and similar premium hosters.
  • It enables streaming in HD quality
  • Users can pick what they want to view directly from the home screen.
  • Links can be copied and pasted
  • It suggests to users what links they can trust
  • Nova TV developers update the app regularly
  • NovaTV supports subtitles


  • Nova TV APK does not deliver live TV content
  • Unzipping errors accompany subtitles
  • Time is usually wasted on loading Anime links
  • Links that direct you to entertainment content usually takes a way longer time to load or play

Alternative Apps

There are a few apps with similar features which you can use on firestick to get the same functions. Some of them include;

  • Titanium TV
  • ZinTV
  • TV Zion
  • Stremio
  • Strix
  • BeeTV
  • UnlockMyTV
  • TeaTV
  • SofaTV
  • Cinema HD


NOVA TV is one of the most fantastic firestick options when it comes to watching on-site demand videos. You can select from more than 100 movies and TV show series. It is an app every streamer should endeavor to have for its lightweight, sleek performance and it’s easy to use interface. If you encounter issues while installing this app, please drop a comment.